LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana 75139: Review

LEGO Star Wars set, LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana 75139, is one of the larger releases for the 2016 First wave and it also has a great mixture of characters.

While other sets from The Force Awakens have had either light or dark characters (i.e., either Resistance or First Order), this has a selection from both so kids can play at battling their chosen side. And on that point, it’s the first legitimate ‘playset’ of the series (May there be many more :0) ).

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana 75139: Review

There isn’t a whole lot to the playset itself, a few walls and a tree that can fall, which takes down the overall appeal but, to balance it out, there are a few choice mini figures that take it into appealing territory.

While the official press release outlines that there are two First Order Storm Troopers, fans will know that one of them is, in fact, the character TR–8R. This particular storm trooper, who has become an overnight sensation in fandom, had a fairly minor role in the film but is memorable because he knows Finn, calls him a “Traitor” and wields a weapon that can take on a lightsaber. Pretty cool stuff.

As mentioned earlier the playest itself includes an ‘action’ feature – a tree that falls once a lever is pressed and a series of walls meant to recreate the cantina/temple owned by Maz Kanata. The colors are nice and the banner adds to the feel but I guess, as with most LEGO playsets, they could have added a few more generic bricks without breaking the bank too much.

All in all, it’s a good set, especially if you are after the figures but may be a pass if you prefer to collect the vehicles.

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana 75139

  • Available at
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Finn, Maz Kanata, Kylo Ren and 2 First Order Stormtroopers
  • Weapons include Kylo Ren’s special Lightsaber, Finn’s Lightsaber and 2 blasters
  • Accessory elements include Kylo Ren’s mask and 2 First Order Stormtrooper helmets
  • Measures over 4“ (11cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 5″ (15cm) deep
  • Lift the lever and topple the tree to stop the Stormtrooper


75139-Battle-on-Takodana-box.jpg 75139-Battle-on-Takodana-Box-Back.jpg 75139-Battle-on-Takodana-5.jpg 75139-Battle-on-Takodana-4.jpg 75139-Battle-on-Takodana-3.jpg 75139-Battle-on-Takodana-2.jpg

Lego Book Review: Star Wars Minifigure Encyclopedia 2nd Edition

LEGO Star Wars 2nd Edition Encyclopedia ReviewWow, that is a long title :0)

The Lego Star Wars Minifigure Encyclopedia is a standard in the bookshelves of any Lego fan. Shaped rather like a brick itself, the book is a tome meant to cover the breadth of characters in the LEGO Star Wars Universe, which seems to be growing exponentially every year.

This year particularly so.

I must admit, 2015 seems also a strange year to release a new editon of this book, given the looming release of Star Wars Episode VII, which will no doubt add dozens of new characters to the fold.

I’m guessing that with the new cast of characters DK might need to split the books into separate volumes (ie Pre Episode 7 and Post) and that is why they are releasing this volume now.

But that is just a guess.

So is the new edition a worthwhile purchase if you have the last one?

Did I mention that it comes with a white Boba Fett ‘prototype’ minifigure? You know, the Ralph McQuarrie prototype one?

I guess you know the answer to that first question then.

Comparison Edition 1 and 2

DK were kind enough to send me the latest edition of the encyclopedia and my first thought on opening the box was how thick the book was. Even taking into account the empty ‘white box of air’ which is bound into the book and meant to protect the minifigure on the front cover, the book seems at least 1/3rd thicker than the last.

I took some photos to compare them side by side so you could see for yourself.

Inside things remain pretty similar between both versions. I guess if you are on a good thing stick to it, right? And the first edition of The LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Encyclopaedia set the standard for future versions of this book, including the LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopaedia.

There are of course a number of new characters and DK have also added Star Wars Rebels to the mix as well as a category called ‘Legends’ which, if they are working on the new Disney-terminology, refers to non-canon characters in what used to be called the Expanded Universe.

Overall I would be happy to add this to my bookshelf.

Its nice to see the Star Wars Rebels characters and the increasing variations of familiar characters as well as new ones. A great addition to the bookshelf of any Star Wars LEGO fan. Worth the update even if you have the original because of the mini figure and the new additions. Casual fans might want to wait to see if there is a new edition after Episode VII is released.