Amazon France Continues Great Lego Deals

Amazon France Lego StoreAmazon France ships to most countries worldwide and has some of the best Lego deals and cheapest shipping we have found.

For buyers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and more countries around the world,  you can often find sets at a huge discount off your local retail price and that even includes shipping to your door.

The final price you pay at checkout is less than the listed price on the product page because a VAT tax is removed for shipping outside of Europe.

We have ordered a number of sets through and found the price and service to be extremely competitive. My only issue now is to decide which Lego set to buy because the discounted ones are 40-50% off what I am used to paying locally!
I’ve never had that problem before 🙂

Many sets are discounted but here are some notable ones:

And there are heaps more on discount including Trains, City sets and Star Wars sets. A great place to find the most current deals is on the Lego Bestsellers List as people tend to buy more of the sets that are on discount.

Sets Are Selling Out

As a word of caution I have noticed some sets are being removed from the store.

Most notably a set I bought, the Ninjago Fire Temple is no longer available. I purchased the set at a great discount and ended up saving over $100 on my local RRP. It is now only available from third-party sellers at an inflated price.

I am assuming it has been removed because Amazon France have sold out and are not getting any more.

This trend is probably set to continue as 2012 approaches and a whole lot of the new sets are being released. Older sets will sell out and not be restocked.

It seems that if you are after a set that was released in 2011 and it is on discount then it’s days may be limited, so it might be a good time to consider how much you really want it before it disappears altogether.

Buying Guide

If you are unsure about buying from Amazon France check out our guide to Buying Lego From Amazon France as it will help you to become familiar with the site.

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