Lego Death Star

Big Star Wars Sets On Sale (Worldwide Shipping)

Amazon is currently offering three of the biggest Star Wars Lego sets for great prices and is allowing them to be shipped overseas!

The sets are:

It isn’t often Amazon ships sets this big worldwide and even when you factor in the shipping of around $40 these are great savings for those living in places like Australia where these sets retail for ridiculous prices.

When you add to the mix news that the Lego Imperial Shuttle is due for “decommission” soon, buying at least one of these is a great investment.

Oh, and you can get them before Christmas (as of time of writing) but it will cost an additional $80 in Shipping (but for the Death Star that may still be much lower than retail in some countries).



  1. Inger says:

    Hi Jim
    Please keep in mind the date of the post (written 3 weeks before your comment) and that Amazon changes their prices frequently (often from one hour to the next).

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