Buying Lego From Amazon France can save you alot of money, especially if you live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or any of the other countries where Lego is an expensive luxury item.

Buying Lego From Amazon France

Lego From Amazon

How Can this be? It’s True!
Why Buy through Amazon France?

Amazon France’s Lego Store carries a wide range of Lego at great prices and shipping from Amazon France is very cheap.

  • Amazon France ships most Lego sets worldwide.
  • Their normal price is much cheaper than many local RRPs
  • Their postage costs are very cheap
  • In a recent example I paid $85 for a Ninjago set that would have cost me $199 in Australia. And that included fast shipping (5 days) to my door.
Some Tips When purchasing from Amazon France:
  • Try to use the Google Chrome web browser as it translates the French language to English
  • If you get lost on the site, search using the term “Lego” and the number of the set you are after.
    For example “Lego 10188”
  • Keep in mind you will pay less than the EUR price listed on the product page.
    This is because a VAT tax is removed at checkout because the item is being exported out of Europe.
  • Determine the final price in your own currency using a currency converter like
  • Use Fast (Rapid) shipping if possible.
    It is very affordable and the less time in transit means less time for boxes to get damaged.
  • If damages occur contact the customer service. Amazon customer service is normally very good.
  • Import tax will only apply if you bring in more than $1000 (including shipping costs) to Australia, $250 to New Zealand.
Amazon France Lego

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