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Brickjournal Compendium and Lego Book Sale

A few weeks ago TwoMorrows had magazine sale which included their amazing Brickjournal publication, a bi-monthly Lego magazine for Lego fans at 40% off.

Now TwoMorrows are having another sale which is even more amazing.

The Brickjournal Compendiums, which collect 2 complete magazines into one book format, are on sale for 50% off!

Here is a synopsis of volume four to give you an idea of what’s included in each volume:

Brickjournal Compendium vol 4BrickJournal Compendium 4 –

Normally $39.95  SalePrice : $19.98 (Save: 50% off)
256 page FULL-COLOR Trade Paperback – Edited by Joe Meno

BrickJournal Compendium, Volume Four, compiles the final two digital-only issues (#8-9) of the acclaimed online magazine for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages — for the first time in printed form since their creation in 2007!

This FULL-COLOR book spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community, featuring: Coverage of a Lego art show, building a larger-than-life Yoda, interview with LEGOland builder Guy Bagley, how to build a Droid Starfighter, a Lego Pokémon character gallery, a look at the Power Functions electric building system, an interview with a top LEGO Star Wars set designer, a visit to an amazing Star Wars LEGO display in the United Kingdom, coverage of the 75th Anniversary celebration at the LEGO headquarters in Denmark, interviews with other builders of all types, instructions to build 5 different models (including a Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars), new set reviews, building instructions and techniques, and more!


TwoMorrows are also discounting their two You Can Build It! books by 15% which include step-by-step instructions for building amazing Lego models designed by expert Lego builders.

You Can Build It Book 1BOOK ONE is for beginning-to-intermediate builders, and features instructions for custom creations including Miniland figures, a fire engine, Christmas ornaments, a street vignette, plus miniscale models from “a galaxy far, far away,” and more. Normal price is $9.95, Sale price is $8.46.

BOOK TWO is for intermediate-to-advanced builders, with even more detailed projects to tackle, including advanced Miniland figures, a miniscale yellow castle, a deep sea scene, a mini USS Constitution, and more. Normal price is $9.95, Sale price is $8.46.

Also available at 15% off is Minifigure Customization which gives step by step instructions on how to customize Lego minifigures. Populate Your World! shows you the wide range of techniques you can use to alter the lovable LEGO® Minifigure into any character you can imagine

Check out the sale over at TwoMorrows Publishing.



BrickJournal Lego Magazine Sale 40% Off All BackIssues

BrickJournal LogoBrickJournal is one of my favorite magazines and chances are you have never heard of it.

Unlike magazines published by Conde Nast which are hard to miss everywhere you look, you won’t often find the BrickJournal Lego magazine on news stands or in bookstores.

Which is a shame really because if you or your family are Lego fans then, like old Lego catalogs and brochures, this is one magazine you will never throw away.


BrickJournal InsideEvery two months publisher TwoMorrows and Editor Joe Meno produce an 80 page full color magazine about Lego; from the latest cool sets to what’s happening in the Mindstorms world to the best, most eye-popping original Lego sculptures you have ever seen.

Often each magazine has a theme and articles in the magazine approach that theme from different angles.

One recent issue was all about animation and featured articles on how to create your own movies, instructions on how to design a dynamic and articulate Lego “actor” and interviews with Lego film makers.

Back Issue Sale 40% Off

For the month of October BrickJournal is discounting their back issues to the tune of 40% off.

Normally each issue retails for $8.95 but now all are available for $5.37, and with every hard copy issue you even get a free Digital PDF file of the magazine to read on your ipad as well.

I picked up 4 back issues just now and while I wait for the physical issues to arrive in the mail I am downloading the digital copy to read straight away.

I can highly recommend Brickjournal and my son (who loves Lego but struggles to read) has his own subscription (which he very gracefully lets me browse) reads these over and over again.

If you haven’t read BrickJournal before now is a great time to pick up a back issue (like Lego, old BrickJournal magazines never age) or if you have a few holes in your collection, October is a great time to pick up the ones you are missing. Just keep in mind they do sell out and some are in limited quantities so check out the site sooner rather than later.