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Lego Lightning McQueen Set 8200 Review

Lego Lightning McQueenThe Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen Lego (8200) set is one of the smallest in the Disney Pixar range of sets but it packs a big punch for a small price.

There is no doubt that Lightning McQueen is the star of the movie Cars and it is heartening to see that Lego have provided parents with an affordable way to purchase the character in Lego without having to pay out for one of the larger sets.

Radiator Springs Lego Lightning McQueen Details

Lego Set Number: 8200
Pieces: 35
Minifigures: none
Price: US $6.99 / £4.99
Ages: 5 – 12
Released: June 2011
Theme: Disney Pixar Cars
Instructions in PDF: Available at
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Lego Lightning McQueen Radiator Springs Set 8200

Set 8200 is also known as Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen, presumably because, as well as Lightning himself, the set also includes a small orange road cone.

These cones were featured in the first film when the hot shot race car inadvertently visited the small country town, known as Radiator Springs.

With the car figure and the cone the set is small but if your little one is a big fan then this is a set worth buying.

The wonderful thing about Lego is its ability to customize.

Kids can have this one Lightning McQueen set and then make other characters with their own Lego collection. Add a few home-made stickers for eyes and you have an enriching new play experience for a very low cost.

Lego Lightning McQueen Rating

4/5 Stars

The Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen is small enough to purchase without having to think about it too much. We recommend the set for young fans of the series, to test the waters for Lego-newbies and as a primer for expanding existing collections.