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Lego Deals At Amazon France – 24th January 2012

Lego Scorpion Pyramid 7327Amazon France has a reputation for having some of the best deals for Lego, no matter where you live in the world.

This reputation has been tempered somewhat since they removed their super-cheap shipping option in late 2011 but there are still some great deals to be had, especially if you plan on buying a number of sets.

The postage costs only increase marginally as you add more sets to your order.

Also remember that if you live outside of Europe you receive an extra discount of 16.4% due to the removal of the VAT (Value Added Tax).

Amazon France ships to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, United States, Canada and more countries worldwide.

Some recent deals include:

Amazon France also have most of the first wave of 2012 sets available to ship and have a dedicated page to make it easier for you – Lego 2012 Sets (Star Wars, Friends, Ninjago, etc)

Lego Deals This Week : Monday 31st October

Lego Medieval Market Village

There are some amazing Lego deals on the various worldwide Amazon sites at the moment. Note: Prices do change without notice and any conversions to other currencies are approximate.

So if you see a good deal don’t sit on the fence too long. On that note if you see a price go up, it might go down again just as quickly so check back often.

For those in countries outside the US, Amazon France offers the best deals and even if you live in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore or Canada you are likely to find a set up to 40% off you local price (including shipping).

Amazon ships worldwide so checkout the best options for your country:

Worldwide LegoUS: Amazon US

UK: Amazon UK

Canada: Amazon France

Australia: Amazon France

Other Countries : Amazon France ships to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan

Amazon France Deals For Worldwide Shipping

(Australian Prices Are Approximate and subject to change)

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Lego City Police StationAmazon UK Deals

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Amazon US Deals

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