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Lego Ninjago has been one of the most popular In House Lego themes of the last decade.

Ninjago Season One DVD Rise Of The Snakes

Ninjago Season One DVD – Rise Of The Snakes

Ninjago Season One DVD Rise Of The SnakesThe Ninjago Season One DVD – Rise Of The Snakes is now available for preorder.

The animated cartoon series follows the four Masters Of Spinjitzu, Zane, Jay, Cole and Kai (not to mention Nya) as the battle the evil snake races lead (albeit briefly) by Lloyd Garmadon.

The season follows on from the Lego Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu movie and also a short series of animated cartoons produced by Cartoon Network.

Mysteriously labelled Season One it does in fact cover the series of cartoons widely known as Rise Of The Snakes.

Ninjago Season One DVD

Four Heroes Prepare to Face a New Enemy… Join a new force to save the world in Season One of “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu”.

Ninja heroes Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole take on Lloyd Garmadon, the son of their archenemy, who has released sinister snake tribes in his attempt to conquer the land of Ninjago. But Garmadon’s evil plan goes awry when he loses control and becomes a prisoner to the snakes.

In an unlikely twist of fate, he joins forces with the ninja to stop an enemy prophesied to cast their land into eternal darkness. According to ancient legend, one ninja will rise above the rest and become the Green Ninja… but who?

Join their kid-friendly battle to save the future in all 13 action-packed Season One episodes of “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu”.

Studio Name: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: 06/26/2012
Rating: Not Rated
Format: DVD
Run Time (in minutes): 286 minutes
Language: English
Audio Tracks: AC, Stereo
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.2
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 0.5 x 5.5 x 7.44

Lego Ninjago Season One DVD Preview

Lego Masters Of Spinjitzu DVDCurious about the content of the DVD?

Well due to the wonderful technology of the Internet you can watch all of the Lego Ninjago Season One – Rise Of the Snakes right now on Youtube, just in fairly poor quality…

Check out our Ninjago Rise Of the Snakes page for more details.

Alternatively, you can find the earlier Ninjago DVD movie now at Amazon. It is a wonderful DVD which explains the origins of the Lego world  in 44 minutes of Ninja glory (and humor).

We will post more about the Lego Ninjago Season One DVD – Rise Of The Snakes as it comes to hand.

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Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 Sets – Images and Guide

Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 Samurai Mech 9448The Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 sets are proving to be the most exciting and interesting so far.

If you have been following the Lego Ninjago Rise Of the Snakes TV series, you will know that our Ninjago heroes have been removed from their Dragon loft high in the sky and have mostly taken to mechanical vehicles in order to combat the various snake tribes that invaded Ninjago at the beginning of the series.

While I am not willing to let you know what happens at the end of the season (you need to watch Ninjago Season 2 for yourself!) its clear that the uniforms and vehicles of the Ninjago gang have evolved over the course of the series Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 Sets will reflect that.

Lego Ninjago Summer 2012

Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 SetsWhile I loved the first phase of Lego Ninjago, with their dragons and the Fire Temple I have to admit the second wave of sets didn’t impress me much. Well, until I watched the TV series and then it all made sense.

Having seen images of the Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 sets I can see how the theme has progressed to reflect the natural evolution of the story and characters.

From nature based origins (in the first wave) to a more mechanical emphasis (in the second wave) the third wave of sets brings nature and modern stylings together – the Samurai robot is a highlight!

Having grown up watching Japanese Mecha TV series like Robotech, Voltron and Neon Genesis Evangelion, I have to say the Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 sets look awesome. Images courtesy of and videos courtesy of The Brick Show.

Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 Sets

Lego Ninjago Samurai Mech 9448

Available On

The Ninjago Samurai Mech set features Nya’s Samurai robot as featured in the Ninjago TV Series 2 and has to be one of the highlights of the whole theme so far. The design, the style, the articulation (look at that pose!). Love it!

Retail price is $39.99 and the Ninjago Samurai Mech comes with 452 pieces and 3 minifigures – Samurai X (Nya), Bytar and Snike.

Lego Ninjago Samurai Mech 9448 Image

Lego Ninjago Samurai Mech 9448

Lego Ninjago Samurai Mech 9448 Video

Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider 9449

Available On

This is the new vehicle for our Ninjago heroes. It is ultra modern and reminds me of a sci-fi vehicle I can’t quite put my finger on right now. Needless to say the fusion of old-world tradition and hyper modern style is beautiful. I love those rear wheels!

Retail price will be $79.99 and the Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider comes with 622 pieces and 6 minifigs – Cole, Jay , Kai, Zane (ZX versions) as well as Pythor and Spitta.

Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider 9449 Image

Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider 9449

Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider 9449 Video

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450

Available On

The biggest set in the Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 range brings us the four headed dragon as featured in series 3 of the TV series. The set also comes with The Great Devourer and a small playset.

Retail price is $119.99 and comes with 915 pieces and 7 minifigures – Lloyd ZX, NRG Jay, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Skalidor and Chokun.

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 Image

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 Video

Lego Ninjago Lasha’s Bite Cycle 9447 

Available On

Obviously the snakes still play a significant part in the next wave of sets and this is the main vehicle of the serpentine enemy. It’s hard to see this selling well though, in relation to the other sets

Retail price is $24.99 and comes with 250 pieces and 2 minifigs – Cole ZX and Lasha.

Lego Ninjago Lasha’s Bite Cycle 9447 Image

Lego Ninjago Lasha’s Bite Cycle 9447

Lego Ninjago Lasha’s Bite Cycle 9447 Video

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We’ll have more news about the Lego Ninjago Summer 2012 sets as they come closer to their August 2012 release date.