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Lego Yoda Chronicles: Episode 1 Part 1 Umbara

Lego Yoda Chronicles

The Lego Yoda Chronicles are finally here with Episode 1 Part 1 Umbara appearing on Lego’s Official Youtube channel.

Personally I can never have enough of Lego Star Wars animations so I enjoyed it greatly, though found it too short! Thankfully we can look forward to more, according to the Lego news site:

“Throughout the whole year, starting from January 11th you will have access to a new portal filled with weekly updates. This will truly be awesome for all of us!”

Indeed 🙂 Here is the trailer

And the first part.

Via Smashing Bricks



Happy Birthday Lego (Video) – 80 Years Old Today

Lego is 80 years old today and what better way to celebrate than with 17 minutes of gorgeous computer generated animation showing us how it all came to be.

So grab the kids, sit back and enjoy this very entertaining history of Lego – it really is beautiful.

Just an aside for Parents -The word “damn” is used. If you’re at all sensitive to the word you might want to pre-screen and then “cough” during that part to cover up the sound 🙂