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TBL is on Hiatus Indefinitely


I am going to be taking a break from The Brick Life for an indefinite period of time.

LEGO and The Brick Life have been part of my life a long time but I can feel us drifting apart for now.

I’m at a stage in my life where I need to focus on creating my own stories and my own worlds. As a part of this creativity, I want to be on the web as little as possible as I have a tendency to get distracted easily.

Lego Store Australia

However, I know better than to close doors firmly behind me so I will leave the site up for the time being and my LEGO shop will also remain open as I will be clearing out many of the LEGO sets I have stored away in cupboards. So if you are in Australia drop by the store and you might find a set you are after.

Thanks for reading.


Lego Spiderman – A Guide To The Web Spinner In Bricks

Lego SpidermanLego Spiderman was a short lived theme from Lego, first released in  2002, then followed by subsequent releases in 2003 and 2004.

In 2012, as Lego re-acquires the license to produce Lego Marvel Super Hero sets and the latest relaunch of the film franchise gears up for release in November, we take a look back at the sets of the past and also look forward to the sets that will no doubt accompany the film’s release.

This is the first in a series on the characters and comics that make up the new Lego Super Heroes theme.


If you are unfamiliar with the legend of Spider-Man then perhaps we can take a little look at this super-hero’s origins and his place in popular culture.

The character of SpiderMan was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, two artists working for Marvel Comics in the early 1960’s. His first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy Issue #15 (August 1962) and if you have a copy of this comic lying around please feel free to forward it to me – it is worth a Mint!

The comic told the story of Peter Parker, a talented but weak student who comes by super-powers after being bitten by a radio-active spider. He takes on the moniker Spider-Man to hide his true identity.

The comics have changed in looks and tone through out the decades but one thing remains true…

An orphan, Parker is raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Before his untimely death, Ben tells Peter “With great power comes great responsibility”.

This belief system has stayed strong throughout the series and makes Spiderman one of the most interesting superheroes comics being published today.

Lego Spiderman Sets

Though obviously well sold-out, many of these sets are available through ebay.

Lego Spider-Man Action Studio 1376

Lego Spider-Man Sets 2002

When Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie was released in 2002, Lego produced a series of sets based on Spider-Man as part of their “Studios” theme.

The theme centered around the film-making process and even included a figure of Steven Spielberg!

Most sets released in this year featured Peter Parker’s nemesis in the first film, The Green Goblin, otherwise known as Norman Osborne, the father of Peter’s best friend Harry.

The first three sets were:

  • Lego Spider-Man Green Goblin 1374
  • Lego Spider-Man Wrestling Scene 1375
  • Lego Spider-Man Action Studio 1376

Lego Spider-Man Sets 2003

Lego Spider-Man's First Chase 4850

The following year Lego released three more sets, without the “Studios” banner. This time Spiderman would have his own Lego theme.

  • Lego Spider-Man’s First Chase 4850
  • Lego Spider-Man The Origins 4851
  • Lego Spider-Man The Final Showdown 4852

Still three sets isn’t alot of releases for an entire theme, so the next year Lego amped up their output.

Lego Spider-Man Sets 2004

2004 saw the theatrical release of the second (and arguably the best) Spider-Man film.

Lego Spider-Man's Train Rescue 4855

The villain of the story, Doc Oc was  less black and white in his “Evilness” than the Green Goblin and ultimately had many things in common with Peter Parker.

In 2004 Lego released five regular sets and two sets aimed at younger builders ages 4 and over.

  • Lego Spider-Man’s Street Chase 4853
  • Lego Spider-Man Doc Oc’s Bank Robbery 4854
  • Lego Spider-Man’s Train Rescue 4855
  • Lego Spider-Man Doc Oc’s Hideout 4856
  • Lego Spider-Man Doc Oc’s Fusion Lab 4857

Lego Spider-Man For Junior’s Sets

  • Lego Spider-Man Doc Oc’s Crime Spree 4858
  • Lego Spider-Man Doc Oc’s Cafe Attack 4860

Lego SpiderMan Sets 2012

Amazing Spider-Man
Poster Courtesy of SuperHeroHype

After a break of eight years Lego Spider-Man is back.

This is partly due to Lego’s acquisition of the Marvel Comics license and partly due to the upcoming relaunch of the Spider-Man films.

The new Spider-Man films will be known as The Amazing Spider-Man and will feature a new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and the first film in the series will also showcase a new villain, Lizard or The Lizard.

Lego has permission to produce sets both from this film and The Avengers film also due for release this year (in which everyone is hoping Spidey will make a guest appearance!).

Information on the new sets is sketchy but the first release for 2012 will be Doc Oc Ambush Set 6873, obviously drawing from events in the earlier movie franchise rather than the new relaunch.

However, as the November release date for the new Spider-Man film approaches and The Avenger’s franchise gains momentum, you can guarantee that more Lego Spiderman sets will come to light.

Read more about Lego Super Heroes on our Set Guide Page.

Lego Spiderman Images

Interestingly, “With great power comes great responsibility” is a line that seems to fit with The Lego Group and hopefully they will be able to make Lego Spiderman sets for many years to come.