Lego 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard Hobbit Set


Toys R Us has this great new Lego polybag set, Mirkwood Elf Guard, available to ship now.

The set comes from the upcoming movie, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey and contains an elf guard from Mirkwood.

In the book (and presumably the film) Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves escape from spiders while journeying through Mirkwood and are then captured by elves.

Fishpond 604x90

This set is the latest in a series of Lego Hobbit Polybags and seems to contain an exclusive figure (?).

You can find the set on sale at Toys R US and it is available for international shipping.

Lego 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard Image Gallery


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