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Lego ArchitectureLego Architecture is a theme aimed squarely at adults and older Lego fans who appreciate both Modern Architectural Design and Lego construction principles.

The theme uses micro or mini building techniques to recreate miniature models of notable buildings in modern architecture from around the world.

Lego Architecture Sets

Lego Robie House 21010

2012 Lego Architecture Sets

2011 Lego Architecture Sets

Older Lego Architecture Sets




Lego Architecture

Lego Falling Water 21005

The Lego Architecture theme was introduced in 2008, with approximately 5 sets released in 2011. Since 2008 all sets have been created and designed by Chicago architect Adam Reed Tucker.

Within the theme there are two sub-themes; The Landmark Series and the Architect Series

As Lego describes the Lego Architecture theme as follows:

LEGO Architecture celebrates the past, present and future of architecture through the medium of the LEGO Brick. We aim to explore the fascinating worlds of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Our ambition is to inspire minds of all ages as they learn about the world’s most iconic buildings and structures.

It is a great idea because Lego seems to merge seamlessly with Architecture and so the theme seems to be a natural progression for the company.

The approach taken by Lego has been to present the structures in micro format and so the theme seems to lend itself to Adult collectors rather than younger enthusiasts.  The Robie House set for example contains 2276 pieces but sits on a base place that measures only 16.5″ X 7.5″.

Sets are often complicated to construct and can be recommended for ages 16+. This adult focus is also reflected in the price point of the sets. Lego Architectural sets are often very expensive when compared to similarly sized sets in other Lego themes.

A number of the buildings selected for the Lego Architecture series have been replicas of Frank Lloyd Wright’s various designs including Robie House and Falling Water, while other sets have included notable US landmarks and major international building designs such as the Brandenbug Gate and Burj Khalifa.

Each lego Architecture set comes with a booklet explaining the buildings’ significance and contribution to the study of Architecture.

The Official Lego Architecture Site –

Lego Architecture Gallery

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