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Lego Australia – Where To Buy Cheap Lego

Lego Australia – Where To Buy Cheap Lego

Lego Australia

If you like Lego Australia can be an expensive place to live.

As an Aussie mum with a family who loves the little plastic bricks, I am always on the search for the Best Lego Deals, Specials, Discounts & Sales.

Each week we find the best Lego deals as they are announced.
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However there are a few places Australians can rely on to get some great deals on Lego, and pay much less than the local Australian Recommended Retail Price.

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Latest Lego Specials, Sales & Deals for Australians

Lego Australia

The best places to buy Lego if you live in Australia are:

1. Amazon Australia

Lego From AmazonWhy Buy through Amazon?

Amazon carries a wide range of Lego at great prices and shipping is relatively cheap or are if you are a part of their Prime program.

  • Their normal price is generally cheaper than Australia’s RRP.
  • Their postage costs are affordable.
  • Their customer service is great.

2. Outer Rim Trading Co

  • Outer Rim Trading Co is based in QLD
  • Our favourite local supplier of Lego.
  • Outer Rim have a great range and highly competitive prices, even when you factor in shipping costs
  • Sign up to their newsletter for updates and the chance to win Lego

3. Fishpond

  • Fishpond operate an Amazon-like store in Australia, selling everything under the sun.
  • They often have some great deals on Lego and offer FREE shipping
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