Lego Australia

If you like Lego Australia can be an expensive place to live.

As an Aussie mum with a family who loves the little plastic bricks, I am always on the search for the Best Lego Deals, Specials, Discounts & Sales.

Each week we find the best Lego deals as they are announced.
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However there are a few places Australians can rely on to get some great deals on Lego, and pay much less than the local Australian Recommended Retail Price.

Amazon AU LEGO

Latest Lego Specials, Sales & Deals for Australians

Lego Australia

The best places to buy Lego if you live in Australia are:

1. Amazon Australia

Lego From AmazonWhy Buy through Amazon?

Amazon carries a wide range of Lego at great prices and shipping is relatively cheap or are if you are a part of their Prime program.

  • Their normal price is generally cheaper than Australia’s RRP.
  • Their postage costs are affordable.
  • Their customer service is great.

2. Outer Rim Trading Co

  • Outer Rim Trading Co is based in QLD
  • Our favourite local supplier of Lego.
  • Outer Rim have a great range and highly competitive prices, even when you factor in shipping costs
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3. Fishpond

  • Fishpond operate an Amazon-like store in Australia, selling everything under the sun.
  • They often have some great deals on Lego and offer FREE shipping

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi just wanted to say that I tried following this advice, and none of the Amazon Store in different countries would ship items I selected. Although outer rim trading co and fishpond look promising.

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