Lego Australia – Where To Buy Cheap Lego

Lego Australia

If you like Lego Australia can be an expensive place to live.

As an Aussie mum with a family who loves the little plastic bricks, I am always on the search for the Best Lego Deals, Specials, Discounts & Sales.

Each week we find the best Lego deals as they are announced.
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However there are a few places Australians can rely on to get some great deals on Lego, and pay much less than the local Australian Recommended Retail Price.

Latest Lego Specials, Sales & Deals for Australians

Lego Australia

The best places to buy Lego if you live in Australia are:

1. The Brick Life Online Lego Store 🙂

The Brick Life Store

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First check out The Brick Life’s own Online Lego Store as we stock some hard to find Lego sets at a good price. We tend not to stock sets you can find in all the regular department stores but those sets that are being discontinued or are just hard to find.

  • We often also add a BONUS FREE GIFT with each order!
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  • If you are concerned about our reputation, we have been trading on ebay for over 12 years and have impeccable feedback. We love Lego as much as you do so want your purchase to be a pleasant one.

2. Amazon France/Italy/Spain

Lego From AmazonIt’s True! Why Buy through Amazon’s European Stores?

Amazon France’s Lego Store carries a wide range of Lego at great prices and shipping from Amazon France is relatively cheap. Also try and

  • Amazon France/Italy/Spain ship most Lego sets to Australia.
  • Their normal price is much cheaper than Australia’s RRP
  • Their postage costs are affordable
  • In a recent example I paid $85 for a Ninjago set that would have cost me $199 in Australia. And that included fast shipping to my door.
Some Tips When purchasing from Amazon France/Italy/Spain:
  • Try to use the Google Chrome web browser as it translates the language to English
  • If you get lost, search using the term “Lego” and the number of the set you are after.
  • You will pay less than the price listed on the product page.
    A VAT tax is removed at checkout because the item is being exported out of Europe.
  • Check out the final price using a currency converter like
  • Use Fast shipping (which is now the only option). It is affordable and the less time in transit means less time for boxes to get damaged. It is really fast, often faster than shipping within Australia.
  • If damages occur contact the customer service. Amazon customer service is normally very good.
  • Import tax will only apply if you bring in more than $1000 (including shipping costs) to Australia.
Amazon France Lego

3.Amazon US

Lego From AmazonWhy Buy through Amazon US?

  • Amazon US Lego Shop ships a selection of Lego sets to Australia.
  • Their normal price is much cheaper than Australia’s RRP and they often discount.
  • Their postage costs are cheap
Some Tips When purchasing from Amazon US:


Why Buy through Amazon Uk?

  • Amazon UK Lego Shop ships many of their Lego sets to Australia.
  • Their normal price is cheaper than Australia’s RRP and they often discount.
  • Their postage costs are affordable, especially if you buy more than one item. Apart from Lego, you can also buy really cheap Blu Ray movies (Their Region B is the same as Australia’s Region B). If you have a region-free DVD player, their DVDs are also very good value.
Some Tips When purchasing from Amazon UK:
  • Check if it is available through Amazon France first.
  • Check out the Lego Bestsellers List as it changes hourly and can have some great deals.
  • Combine your order with other Lego, Blu Ray Movies, books, etc.

5. Outer Rim Trading Co

  • Outer Rim Trading Co is based in QLD
  • Our favourite local supplier of Lego.
  • Outer Rim have a great range and highly competitive prices, even when you factor in shipping costs
  • Sign up to their newsletter for updates and the chance to win Lego

6. Fishpond

  • Fishpond operate an Amazon-like store in Australia, selling everything under the sun.
  • They often have some great deals on Lego and offer FREE shipping