Lego Champion Board Game – Review (Set 3861)

Lego ChampionThe Lego Champion Board Game (3861) is part of Lego’s highly successful series of board games.

Like other games in the series, players must move a small Lego figure, known as a micro figure, around rather unique Lego board by rolling a Lego Dice.

Players advance by performing tasks dictated by the color of the rolled dice, and each color corresponds to a particular Lego related task (it’ll all makes sense trust me).

In the Lego Champion game all the activities are based around that most quintessential of Lego pieces the 2X4 rectangular block.

Lego Champion

Lego Set Number: 3861
Number Of Players: 3-8
Microfigures: 8
Price: US $39.99
Ages: 7+
Released: August 2011
Theme: Board Games
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Lego Champion Game

Lego Champion – Pieces

When you first take a look at all the pieces in Lego Champion the one thing that strikes you is the colors!

The game is made to be played with up to eight players and so there are eight micro figures, each a different color. What makes this set so cool is their are also a whole pile of 2×4 rectangular Lego blocks to correspond with each of the colors.

Lego Champion Board Game Pieces

The Lego Champion colors are:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lime Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White
If your family is anything like mine you will have a hard time choosing which color to play as, they are all so vibrant!
Like all Lego board games you must set up the board, dice and playing pieces by constructing them with the included Lego bricks – with Lego Champion all this takes only a few minutes.
Lego Champion Microfigure

Lego Champion – Gameplay

Play begins as one player rolls the die and advances to the next block on the board matching the rolled color.
Depending on what color comes up the players must take an action as dictated by the game rules – kind of like a mini game within the larger game. As there are six different colors, one on each side of the die, there are six different directions the game can go with each turn.
  • Blue : Codebreak -The roller puts three blocks in a line and the other players have to guess the order they have been placed in by asking only yes or no questions.
  • Green : Jump Ahead -The player advances to the next green block.
  • Red : On Target – Like lawn bowls the Dice is placed on a flat surface and each player takes turn to throw one of their colored bricks towards it, with the one landing closest winning.
  • Orange : Bluffing Bricks – Each player grabs three bricks from the pile and others must guess what they have.
  • Yellow : Topple The Tower – The rolling player places one of their bricks on the table. The next player puts two bricks together and tries to balance them on the first. The next player tries three and so on.
  • Purple : Speed Builder – The roller makes a model using eight bricks (one of each color). The other players can’t look until he/she is finished. Then they all look at once and must recreate the model first.

Keep in mind that Lego is all about creation and imagination so if you don’t like these mini games you can make up your own.

Lego also provides 4 more tiles in the box that you can apply to the Lego dice and play other games or simply use the colors and invent your own challenges.

Lego Champion – Review

Our Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Another winner for Lego Board Games!

Lego Champion is fun as it is but also highly customizable.

If you have younger kids you can redesign the mini games to suit them or simply keep the ones you like and invent some more.

This is also a wonderful activity for kids to get involved in too, inventing their own games with rules and rewards is a great way to challenge a child’s problem solving skills and enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Great for families!

We recommend purchasing the Lego Champion board game from Amazon because of their great prices, hassle-free customer service and free shipping on most items.


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