Lego City Mine 4204

Lego City 2012 Summer Sets – Hi Res Images

Lego City Mine 4204Hi Res Images of the new Lego City 2012 Summer sets have been popping up on various sites around the web, and they are looking amazing!

Continuing with the Forest/City-outskirts theme of early 2012, the Lego City sets due for release anytime after June this year, include a beautiful (and very large) Lego Mine set as well as Mining Excavators, Trucks and Transporters.

There is also a new hospital to go with the already released ambulance and a multi-level city parking garage.

Let’s take a closer look…

Lego City 2012 Summer Sets

  • 4200 Lego City Mining 4X4
  • 4201 Lego City Loader And Tipper
  • 4202 Lego City Mining Truck
  • 4203 Lego City Excavator Transporter
  • 4204 Lego City The Mine
  • 4207 Lego City Garage
  • 4429 Lego City Hospital

4200 Lego City Mining 4X4

Lego City Mining 4X4 Box 4200

Let’s mine for gold with the rugged LEGO City Mining 4×4 (4200)! Ride through the rocky mine on the Mining 4×4 to find the rock with gold inside, then use the dynamite and miner MiniFigure to blast it!

The miner is driving his rugged Mining 4×4 and is on the lookout for gold. It won’t be easy, but with his dynamite, hatchet and drill, it won’t be long before he strikes gold.

Blast the rock with the dynamite to find the gold nuggets and crystals!

The LEGO City Mining 4×4 (4200)features:

  • Miner MiniFigure
  • Mining 4×4 features rear storage compartment
  • Accessories include hatchet, drill, dynamite with timer and detonator, warning sign, big rock containing gold nuggets and 2 gold crystals, and mining helmet
  • Blast the rock with the dynamite!
  • Find the gold!
  • Drive over rocky mine terrain with the Mining 4×4!
  • Measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 2″ (5cm) wide and 4″ (11cm) long

Lego City Loader And Tipper Box 42014201 Lego City Loader And Tipper

Transport the gold out of the mine with the LEGO City Mining Loader and Tipper (4201)!

Scoop up the rocks with the Bucket Loader, load the Dump Truck and haul away the rock with gold nuggets inside in this mining adventure! Mining for gold is hard work!

Luckily the miners have the Loader and Tipper to help transport the big rocks from the gold mines. Help them use the dynamite and hatchet to find the hidden gold!

The LEGO City Mining Loader and Tipper (4201) features:

  • 2 miner MiniFigures
  • Lifting bucket and dumping function
  • Includes dynamite with timer, warning sign and big rock containing 2 gold crystals
  • Accessories include 2 mining helmets and hatchet
  • Fill up the Tipper as you mine for gold!
  • Scoop up the rocks with the Loader!
  • Find the hidden gold!
  • Detonate the dynamite!
  • Loader measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 2″ (5cm) wide and 4″ (11cm) long
  • Tipper measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 2″ (5cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) long

4202 Lego City Mining Truck

Lego City Mining Truck Box 4202Load up the rocks and find the gold with the LEGO City Mining Truck (4202)!

Dig in to a building adventure when you take the Mining Truck on a search for gold with all-terrain wheels, dynamite and big rocks to blast!

The LEGO City Mining Truck (4202) features:

  • Miner MiniFigure with mining helmet
  • Mining Truck features large all-terrain wheels and dumping function
  • Includes dynamite with timer and big rock containing 2 gold crystals and 3 gold nuggets
  • Fill up the Mining Truck!
  • Blast for gold with the dynamite and timer!
  • Mining Truck measures over 4″ (12cm) high, 7″ (19cm) wide and 5″ (13cm) long

4203 Lego City Excavator Transporter

Lego City Excavator Transporter Box 4203Take on the heaviest work with the mighty LEGO City Excavator Transport (4203)!

Dig into any mine when the Transport Truck arrives carrying the Excavator with drill and bucket attachments – perfect for mining gold! When the heavy work really starts, it’s time for the mighty Excavator.

Unload it from the Transport Truck, fasten the drill and start breaking through the rock! Then switch the drill attachment for the bucket to scoop up even the biggest rocks!

The LEGO City Excavator Transport (4203) features:

  • 2 miner MiniFigures with mining helmets
  • Vehicles include Transport Truck and Excavator
  • Transporter features articulated trailer, opening cab doors and accessory holders
  • Excavator features articulated arm, detachable drill and rotating cabin
  • Features 2 big rocks, each containing 8 gold nuggets
  • Accessories include dynamite, pick axe, shovel and coffee cup
  • Drive the Transporter!
  • Drill the rocks with the Excavator!
  • Attach the bucket or drill!
  • Blast for gold with the dynamite!
  • Transporter measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 2″ (7cm) wide and 14″ (36cm) long
  • Excavator measures over 3″ (9cm) high, 3″ (8cm) wide and 6″ (16cm) long

 4204 Lego City The Mine

Lego City Mine Box 4204Dig for gold deep inside the LEGO City The Mine (4204)!

Build a gold-filled mine with a drill to break rocks, a crane or truck to excavate with and a conveyor belt to move the gold onto the train! The Mine is a busy place, full of miners digging for gold!

Break up the rock with the big drilling machine and transport it out of the mine with the train. Then load it onto the conveyer belt with the crane and haul it away with the truck! There’s even a safe to keep the gold inside.

Help the miners find even more gold by blasting with the dynamite!

The LEGO City The Mine (4204) features:

  • 4 MiniFigures: crew chief, crane driver, driller and truck driver
  • Mine, drill, truck and crane
  • Accessories includes 3 dynamite packs, (1 with a timer), 2 detonators, 2 rocks each containing 6 gold nuggets, 36 small rocks in a selection of colors, 2 gold bars, explosion warning sign, storage box, jackhammer, fence with hazard lights, wheelbarrow, broom, shovel, pickaxe, walkie-talkie and coffee cup
  • Mine features train, train track, mine door, safe and working conveyer belt
  • Drill features spinning function
  • Crane features rotating cabin, moving arm and lowering shovel
  • Truck features articulated cab
  • Mine measures over 9″ (25cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 22″ (56cm) long
  • Drill measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 2″ (7cm) wide and 6″ (16cm) long
  • Truck measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 2″ (7cm) wide and 6″ (16cm) long

4207 Lego City Garage

Lego City Garage Box 4207

4429 Lego City Hospital

Lego City Hospital Box 4429

Lego City Hospital 4429

Lego City 2012 Summer Images

We will feature more information on the Lego City 2012 Summer sets as they are released. Thanks to Brickset for the images.

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  1. Stephen says:

    It’s been so long since there was Lego City hospital released, this new one is disappointingly small! Shame a better effort couldn’t have been made, especially since there’ve been countless big and impressive police station sets. However, it’s a good candidate for considerable expansion and adaptation, which is what Lego is all about I guess

    • Inger says:

      Hi Stephen
      I agree with you!
      The last one was 2006 and it was really a poor design (hospital on a hill) so this one is a slight improvement. It does just seem a little empty. Considering how much has gone into the police sets in the last few years I would have hoped for something more.
      -A larger, longer building rather than a a simple two story building
      -emergency entry for ambulances
      -surgery area
      -beds for patients to recover and family to visit
      -rehabilitation area
      -surgeons, nurses, paramedics, clown doctors, old people, etc
      My only hope is that this is merely the “helicopter rescue” precursor to a larger hospital early in 2013.

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