Lego City Corner – Review (Set 7641)

Lego City Corner BoxThe Lego City Corner set is one of my absolute favorite Lego sets and is one of the best starter sets for young children who are just starting to become interested in Lego.

As part of the Lego City theme, Lego City Corner is a rare set in that it is not part of the usual Police, Fire or other more “dramatic rescue” sub-themes in Lego City.

Rather, the set represents a slice of city or town life that kids would pass on their way to school or visit with their parents on the weekend.

The areas in the set include a pizza shop, a bike & skate repair and sales shop, a yellow bus and a bus stop.

As a Lego fan from way-back it reminds me of the sets I used to play with as a child and a set I highly recommend for other parents.

Lego City Corner

Lego City Corner – Details

Lego Set Number: 7641
Pieces: 483
Minifigures: 5 (bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic & business man)
Price: US $59.99 / £ 49.99
Ages: 5-12
Released: 2009
Theme: Lego City
Our Rating:  (5/5 – A Highly Recommended Set)
Best Prices: We recommend Amazon or Amazon UK who offer FREE Shipping on this set.

Lego City Corner – A Closer Look

Lego City Corner Pizza ParlorThe Lego City Corner set came out in 2009 but is still readily available in retail stores for the original selling price (or less) in 2011.

And this is good news because it is truly a magical set. As I mentioned earlier, I played with similar town-oriented sets when I was a child, and I can’t mention enough the amount of play a child can get out of this set.

Just at a glance the set comes with a pizzeria, bike & skate shop, bus and a bus stop – all in a set that has under 500 pieces!

Kids love to role play with toys that are familiar to them and also represent places they can’t necessarily visit without adult supervision. They see shops and buses and the like when they are out with their parents. When they come home, they invariably want to play at being “grown up”

The Lego City Corner set is a wonderful way for kids to role play situations they see around them every day, and so make sense of their place in the world.

I would say the only thing that would make this set just perfect (or more perfect?) is a road baseplate.

Value For Money:  Excellent Price point 5/5
Play Experience: Brilliant play potential – 5/5
Pieces & Minifigures: A woman, a child and 3 men, awesome variety – 5/5
Value For Kids:  One of Lego’s best sets. Long term play value – 5/5

The Brick Life Rating
Lego Review Ratings 5/5

Lego City Corner Gallery

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