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LEGO Dino 2012 LogoLego Dino is a theme of Lego first introduced in 2012.

The theme borrows from movies such as Jurassic Park which reintroduce ancient dinosaurs into a modern world with humans. The Lego Dino sets feature militarised vehicles with large molded dinosaur figures.

Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886Lego Dino Sets 2012

  • Lego 5887 Dino Defense HQ
  • Lego 5882 Ambush Attack
  • Lego 5883 Tower Takedown
  • Lego 5884 Raptor Chase
  • Lego 5885 Triceratops Trapper
  • Lego 5886 T-Rex Hunter
  • Lego 5888 Pteranodon Chase

Lego Dino

Jurassic Park must be one of the Lego company’s favorite movies because they have mixed Dinosaurs with human battle vehicles in themes a number of times in the years since the movie’s release.

Jurassic Park was a huge hit in 1993 and centered on a billionaire who genetically engineered dinosaurs, keeping them on an isolated island with hopes to open a theme park to show them off. Of course everything goes wrong and the dinosaurs get free, demonstrating their innate power over man as they cause havoc on the island. The book and subsequent movie adaptation were very popular and continue to attract attention from new and old fans.

Lego has seen the appeal of mixing natures ultimate battle/eating machines with humanity’s most powerful creatures. In 2005 they released the theme Dino 2010 (also called Dino Attack) which bears a striking similarity to the current Dino theme of 2012.

As in that earlier theme the dominant dinosaurs in the current series of sets are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Coelophysis, Triceratops, Pteranodon and the Raptor. The dinosaurs are  are featured in sets with playsets or vehicles designed to subdue and capture the dinosaurs.

The Lego Dino theme was possibly designed to ride on the success of  Terra Nova, a TV series launched in late 2011. Like Jurassic Park, the series pits humans and dinosaurs against each other.

Lego Dino Gallery


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