Lego Mines Of Moria Box Lord Of The RingsLego Set Number: 9473
Pieces: 776
Minifigures: Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas, 2 Moria orcs, a giant cave troll and 2 skeletons
Ages: 9-14
Price: US $79.99
Released: June 2012
Theme: Lego Lord Of the Rings
Best Prices:
The Brick Life Rating: 5/5

Lego Mines Of Moria 9473

Battle the Cave Troll in this LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Mines of Moria (9473)!

On their epic journey across the lands of Middle-earth, the heroic Fellowship of the Ring travels through the abandoned Mines of Moria. Pursued by the evil Moria orcs and a giant Cave Troll, Pippin, Boromir, Gimli and Legolas make a stand in Balin’s Tomb. Can the heroes hold back the evil horde and make it out of the mine unhurt?

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Mines of Moria (9473) features:

  • 6 MiniFigures: Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and 2 Moria orcs
  • Features giant cave troll and 2 skeletons
  • Weapons include chain, club, bow, double-bladed axe, single-bladed axe, small hobbit sword, shield and Boromir’s sword
  • The Mines of Moria features well, wall and gate, and several weapons
  • Wall features hidden room with treasure, opening doors and falling wall elements
  • Topple the walls!
  • Defeat the cave troll!
  • Drop the skeleton into the well!
  • Flick open the tomb!
  • Wall and gate measure11″ (27cm) high and 5″ (12cm) wide
  • Tomb measures 3″ (7cm) long
  • Well measures 3″ (7cm) long
  • Cave troll stands 4″ (9cm) tall
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