Lego Monster Fighters Sets 2012

Lego Monster Fighters Available NOW – Lego Shop USA

Lego Monster Fighters Sets 2012The Lego Monster Fighters sets are available now at the US Official Lego Online Shop, with other countries hopefully not too far behind.

The Lego Monster Fighters is The Lego Group’s original, in-house theme for this year and while it looks fantastic, it has the potential to get lost amongst more high profile licensed releases like The Avengers and Lord Of the Rings.

However the theme is quite well thought out and will appeal to fans of all things scary or steampunk, as it successfully merges these two fan bases into a fun adventure-based series of sets.

You can get a good idea if this theme is for you by taking a peek at the set names below, or check out our Monster Fighters Sets Guide for more background information into the story behind the sets.

If you do purchase sets from the Lego Shop make sure you sign up for their great VIP program to earn discount points (They also have all the new Lord Of the Rings sets too 🙂 ).

Lego Monster Fighter Sets 2012

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