Fire Temple Lego

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 40% OFF Worldwide Shipping!

Fire Temple LegoOnce again have reduced the awesome Lego Ninjago Fire Temple to a staggering 46% off the UK Recommended Retail Price!

UPDATE – The Fire Temple is out of stock but Amazon UK now have have the following deals:

  •  Lego Mindstorms kit at a huge 23% discount which saves at least $100 off the local RRP for Australian and New Zealand readers!
  • Also the Harry Potter set, The Burrow which has been retired and is increasing rapidly in price on the secondary market is on sale for a great price – It may be your last chance to get this beautiful set at less than full retail.

The wonderful news for fans outside of the UK is that the set ships overseas.

Keep in mind that when ordering from any of the Amazon sites, shipping costs per item are reduced as you purchase more sets.

While you can order up to five of the Ninjago Fire Temple sets (and pay approximately 30 pounds for Priority shipping to Australia/Singapore/Japan for all 5!) you may not want a city full of Ninjago temples in your house!

Thankfully Amazon is also offerring discounts on a large range of other sets and even those just under UK retail are worth looking into.

My recommendation would be to ship the Fire Temple with the Pirates Of the Caribbean set The Black Pearl, as it works out to be well under retail.

You can also check out their Lego Bestseller list for more savings.

Site Update:- On another note, it is school holidays here so I am posting less (but playing with Lego more!).

But…Lego has just sent me a little giveaway for Australian readers to coincide with the National Lego Building Competition and I’ll let you know more about it in a couple of days.

In the mean time however, if I don’t get a chance to post before the weekend, Happy Easter!


  1. Ron says:


    Thanks for the heads up. Just wondering what the price is that you were looking at, because checking out the listing it now shows at only 28% off, not 46%. Perhaps Amazon Uk sold out and now it’s being priced off one of the third party merchants?


    • Ron says:

      Yeah, it would appear that it’s no longer being sold directly by Amazon UK. The current vendor is “Online*Computers*Electronics*Bargains” and at an asking price of £65.95 + £37.50 shipping this works out more or less to Canadian MSRP.

      • Inger says:

        Yes once Amazon itself is out of stock the shipping price goes up considerably. Mindstorms is gone now too 🙁
        There is still the black pearl though, and it seems to have gone down again.
        Thanks for letting us know.

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