Lego Police – Set Guide And Reviews

Lego Police Station 7498Lego Police is part of the Lego City theme and features sets like the ever-popular Lego Police Station or Lego Police Headquarters as well as Lego police car, motorcycle, helicopter and boat sets.

Lego Police sets are very popular and one of the cornerstones of Lego’s City/Town theme, along with the other perennial bestsellers – Lego Fire and Airport sets.

Lego Police Roleplay

Why do kids love playing police games and role playing at being police?

Ultimately there is something exciting about being a policeman or policewoman, chasing bad guys and bringing them to justice.

Children love to deal with absolutes and constantly experience the concepts of “good” and “bad” in their daily lives, at home and at school.

Kids often love to feel they are doing good and proving to others that they can be trusted, respected and powerful; they like to feel good about themselves.

In our modern world the Police are a universal symbol of power and justice. They protect society and it’s citizens from harm and use their power to enforce the norms and rules of a given culture.

In short they get to run around in fast cars/boats/motorcycles and chase bad guys-legally!

But seriously, Lego Police sets attract kids who are interested in their community, in providing a service to others and who question concepts like “right and wrong” in the world they see around them.

For these children, Lego sets based in “reality” may seem more interesting than those based on a fictional or fantasy scenario.

Lego Police Sets

Lego Police Bank And Money Transfer 3661Each year, every year Lego releases new Lego Police sets.

Unlike other themes that come and go Lego City Police is a constant that you will always be able to find at a local store or online for the retail price or less.

The most popular of the Lego City Police sets change very little, usually in design but rarely in concept. Each set will contain a playset and/or a vehicle, one or more minifigures like a police officer, a crook or criminal and other related figures and accessories like a police dog, handcuffs, mobile phones, money (to steal).

One thing you will never find in Lego Police sets are guns.

Lego has a policy not to represent modern weapons in their sets. While characters in their more fantastical sets like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Space Police will carry guns, the “reality” based city sets have never included firearm-based weapons.

2011 Lego Police Sets

2011 Lego Police Set Gallery

Lego Police sets are a good place to start if you want to test the waters with kids as they are familiar and full of potential to expand as a child grows older.

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