Star Wars Oola Minifigure

Lego Star Wars Oola Minifigure – Too Risque?

Star Wars Oola MinifigureI was on a Lego Forum today, when I came across a thread written by parents who were shocked at the latest Lego Star Wars Oola Minifigure – they believed she showed too much “flesh” as it were.

If you are not aware, Oola is a figure in the beautiful new Lego Star Wars Jabba’s Palace set (9515) released in June of this year. Oola is the green skinned minifigure wearing a dance costume made of transparent net material.

To be honest I hadn’t taken a close look at the figure, so hunted down an image online to get abreast of the situation (sorry…last pun I promise). The image to the right is courtesy of Brickpedia.

Looking at the minifigure closely, I’m not sure if it is my upbringing or my adult sensibilities, but I wasn’t shocked, perhaps a little surprised and amused. Having said that I can understand some parents being concerned.

What do you think? IS Oola a little risque for a Lego set?

The Lego Oola Minifigure

Oola was always going to be a tough character for Lego designers to re-create in a child friendly way.


If you take a look at a promotional image of the character from Return Of the Jedi and you’ll see what I mean.

Twi’lek’s are never dressed very modestly at the best of times and being an exotic dancer in Jabba The Hutt’s court, Oola wears not much of very little.

Interestingly also present at Jabba’s court is a bikini clad Princess Leia, images of whom fast became fanboy favorites. Lego has already produced a number of Bikini Leia minifigures with similar amounts of flesh.

Also in this “revealing” category could be placed fellow Twi-lek and Jedi Master, Aalya Secura from Revenge Of The Sith. As a character and a minifigure, she also wears very little.

In Oola’s case I suppose what sets her apart from existing Star Wars minfigures it is the “transparent” net top which reveals the shape of her chest underneath.

In isolation, it could understandably ruffle a few feathers. However for me it is movie-authentic and I hadn’t thought twice about it when looking at the set – I was mostly in awe of the architectural design of the palace and the gorgeous range of minifigures.

I should say I am a lifelong fan of Star Wars. I saw Return Of The Jedi as a child (I was 10 when it came out) and have watched it dozens of times since then, as have millions of fellow geeks.  I was familiar with the character. Her costume (or lack thereof) didn’t make me bat an eyelid, now or then.

For me personally the figure won’t stop me from buying the set for my kids who are 8 and 11.  I can understand though, in some cases & for some families, the Oola minifigure figure could be construed as too risque and inappropriate for a children’s toy.

However I am curious to hear what other parents think.

Do you think Oola is a little too scantily clad for  a Lego set? Post your comments below.


    • Inger says:

      Hey Marsha
      Thanks for your comment.
      The consensus so far has been that most parents would buy the set.
      And yes the movie is rated “child-friendly” all over the world (I think it is PG over here).

  1. Eric says:

    I’ll certainly let my kids buy this set if they want it. I have no problem with Oola in Jedi, so I’m not going to take issue of her in Lego.

  2. Nicole says:

    If parents don’t have a problem letting their kids watch the movie then why should they have a problem with the mini fig? I didn’t even really notice till you pointed her out.

    • Inger says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Agreed! And I didn’t notice the figure either until I read people ‘s concerns on message boards.
      More importantly, my kids still don’t notice it…

  3. Tyler Archbold says:

    I am a parent to 2 boys and I would have no problem buying this set (except, of course, for the $150 price tag). I assume the concern is the fishnet outfit and the shape of her breasts underneath. I do not think we need to necessarily hide the fact that women do, in fact, have breasts. I have not made any attempt to hide the existence of female breasts from my sons. Should I have? Won’t that be embarrassing when they grow up? Hmm.

  4. Mike says:

    The figure is fine and I noticed on here no one has said anything about it, but in the Return Of The Jedi movie the character actually had a “wardrobe malfunction”. If anyone’s kids have a nice sized collection of Legos they’ll notice that all the newer female figures are a little more anatomically correct, of course Oola here is the first to be shown wearing a net. Personally I’d be more worried about play patterns than the actual figure itself.

    • Inger says:

      Hi Mike
      No I didn’t know about the wardrobe malfunction though it is a while since I have seen the “Original” versions of the “Original” trilogy. I am sure it isn’t in the “retouched” versions though.
      Perhaps the new versions of Star Wars were good for something after all [ducks to avoid oncoming rotten-tomatoes].

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