Lego Summer 2012 – Lego Jabba’s Palace 2012 Video

Nuremberg Toy Fair LogoThere are some great videos of the Lego Summer 2012 range on the Internet right now. The upcoming Lego sets were previewed at the Nuremburg Toy Fair last week and you can find them in most Google / Youtube searches.

New Sets

The videos were filmed by various attendees and cover the new sets from Star Wars, Ninjago, Friends and the upcoming Monster Hunters Theme.

While I’m not into leaks it seems pretty obvious the crew were filming and offering commentary in front of the Lego staff – so they seem to be legal videos.

I’m pretty excited about this next wave of Lego sets, to the same degree that I was fairly unexcited about most sets in early 2012.

The main reason? I love playsets… and the one set that I am most looking forward to?

Jabba’s Palace!

While in the past I have been fairly disappointed with Lego’s approach to playsets (they just never seems substantial enough), all is forgiven with this latest wave.

Both the Lord Of the Rings set Helm’s Deep &  Star Wars’ Jabba’s Palace look like very solid and three dimensional buildings and I have a feeling this is going to be Lego’s best diorama/physical building year ever.

Jabba’s Palace not only has some amazing new minifigures including Leia as Boushh and a newly painted Jabba, the palace itself is full of solid walls, different levels, secret places and playable features.

On that note, the video really does speak for itself so I’ll stop writing now :0)

Star Wars Lego Summer 2012 Jabba’s Palace Video

The New York Toy Fair is coming up next week so we will definitely be seeing more of the Lego Summer 2012 sets and I’ll keep you informed.

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