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Lego Super HeroesLego Super Heroes is a theme of Lego based on the DC Comics characters from Warner Brothers and the Marvel Comics characters from Marvel Entertainment.

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Lego and DC Comics came together in 2006 with Batman Lego sets and Marvel teamed together with Lego in 2003 with Spider-Man. Even though both themes were very successful they were discontinued.

In July 2011 Lego announced they would be launching new line of Lego sets based on DC comics and Marvel comics super heroes, called Lego Super Heroes. You can check out the official site here.

The Lego Super Heroes are based on all characters from both Marvel and DC properties.

DC Comics characters include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and villains Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn and Lex Luthor.

The theme can access the entire DC Universe of super heroes including the “Big three” trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman as well as minor characters like Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and other members of the Justice League of America.

With Marvel the licence is restricted to Spider-Man, The X-Men (Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops, Phoenix, Ice Man) and The Avengers (Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America).

Lego Super Heroes Comicon 2011 Figures

Lego Super Heroes Minifigs

In 2011 at the San Diego Comic-Con, a gathering of popular culture properties attended by fans form all over the world, Lego and DC released a limited edition set of Lego Super Heroes figures.

Limited to 3000 sets the minifigures of Batman and Green Lantern were released to lucky attendees of the July 21st-24th event, as part of a promotional program to run from August to December 2011, in the lead up to the official launch of set in January 2012.

The Superman Lego figure was first released at New York Comic Con in October 2011.

Like the Batman and Green Lantern figures, Superman was limited in number and came with a NYCC backing card. Green Lantern and Batman figures were also distributed at the NYCC as well.

Lego Super Heroes Teaser Trailer

Lego Super Heroes Gallery

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  1. ayax martinez tapia says:

    superman: saquen productos de como los de smallville
    batman: mejorenlos todos porfa
    linterna verde: saquenlos relacionados a la pelicula
    y todos los demas hagan que sean magnificos

    • Inger says:

      Hi Dam
      Sorry, no I don’t. I think we all wish we could have bought the Batman sets when they were out. I don’t think anyone could have guessed how much they would rise on the secondary market.
      Just make sure to start saving now for the Lego Super Heroes sets :0)

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