Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 (Executor)

Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 1The Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221, otherwise known as Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, or simply The Executor was announced as the latest Lego Ultimate Collector Series model for 2011.

AUG 26 UPDATE: It is now available to ship at

Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221

The ship has been rumored for some time and pictures were released early in 2011 but Lego announced it’s release for September 2011 (Actually late August).

At 124.4 centimetres (50 inches) it is the longest Lego model ever and is made up of of 3,152 elements and weighs 3.5kg (8 pounds) – Better make some serious shelf space for this one!

In an interview the set designer pointed out some of the major features of the set including, obviously, the length, the detailing or “greebling” on the center area of the ship (effectively a small city) and the need to design the ship in sections, with slight changes in one area triggering a need for changes in the subsequent sections-I guess that’s why they get paid to do this!

Here is the official Press Release from Lego and the gallery of shots and a video follows:

Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 (Executor)

Ages 16+ 3,152 pieces, US $399.99, CA $499.99, €399.99, UK £349.99.

  • Includes four minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar and Bossk
  • Also includes IG-88 figure
  • Features over 3,000 pieces
  • Measures nearly 50 inches (124.5 cm) long and weighs nearly 8 pounds (3.5kg)
  • Includes display stand and data sheet label
  • Centre section lifts off to reveal command centre

One of the largest and most powerful vessels in the Star Wars™ universe has been created as a LEGO® Exclusive model. The Super Star Destroyer™ Executor served as command ship at the Battle of Endor and as the personal flagship of Darth Vader.

It is the first time that the classic dagger-shaped design has been produced as an official LEGO model.

“The thing I was trying to accomplish with this model was to get as close as possible to the original, both with angles and the whole profile of the model from the side,” says LEGO senior designer Kurt Kristiansen.

His biggest challenge with this model was the sheer size. It is the longest Star Wars model made in LEGO bricks, measuring 124.4 centimetres (50 inches). It consists of 3,152 elements and weighs 3.5kg (8 pounds).

“When I was first given this challenge, my first thought was ‘this is going to be a tough one’,” he said. He planned the model by dividing it into separate sections before beginning to build at all.

The build also posed a few problems, though: “When you are developing a model, if you change something at one end of, you have to change it all the way down to make it fit. That’s a challenge on something this big.

“I think Star Wars fans will love this model because it is the first time ever that the Super Star Destroyer has been made as an official model. The thing that makes this model authentic with the movies is the shape, but also the detail on the top. It is like a small city with streets and alleys.”

A section of the top of the model can be removed to show a representation of the command bridge where Darth Vader and the other minifigures can be displayed. The model includes four minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk and an extra figure, IG-88.

The Super Star Destroyer is on sale from September 1, 2011 via Lego Shop Online or LEGO Brand Retail Stores.

Shop online or find your nearest store here.

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Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 Designer Video

Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 Gallery


  1. JoeIII says:

    When I was younger I got the Ultimate Collector Series Star Destroyer lego for christmas or something like that. I remember that thing was a beaut. It was so intricate, and huge; it took over my family’s dining room table, and took me the better part of a day to build.

    However, like most of these UCS legos, they don’t last and have a TERRIBLE shelf life. The Star destroyer’s inner core simply was too weak to hold itself together. Same as the Rebel Blockade Runner, Tie Interceptor, X-Wing…must I go on? I had to do so many repairs/fixes/rebuilds just so I didn’t breathe on it wrong. The stand it was on came apart, making it topple. Seriously, if you spend over 300$ on a lego set, do you think this should happen? Then after a few months the magnets that held the panels mount to the structure simply failed. That’s when I called it quits spending HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on a lego set. I bet this Super Star Destroyer is no different. It will be great at first, but will become a spectacular waste of money. I can tell just by looking at the pics of this it’s made the same way inside. Your challenge, lego designer, is not only to make a great lego, but be able to have it stay together…especially for an amazing 400$.

    • Inger says:

      They can be unwieldy things.
      My best bet was always to put them somewhere stable and high (out of reach) and leave it there to look at.
      They are beautiful display pieces though…

    • cl says:

      I assembled my UCS sets as they came out, and I have all the Star Wars UCS sets except two. They’re all still together on display on my shelves. No problems holding together except during transit. I love them, they’re the pride and you of my collection.

  2. Misato says:

    I agree with JoeIII on all the USC sets except for one. The Ultimiate Collector’s Series Millenium Falcon was actually built with things like beams, studs, braces and those kinds of construction practices on the inside.. You should always construct something with if you are trying to build something to last and be stable. Unlike the Star Destroyer, the Blockade Runner and the other fairly big sets, the Falcon is very stable. I can even pick it up and carry it around, which is something that you just better not even think of doing with any of the other UCS sets. Who ever the designer was that designed the Millenium Falcon, should be part of the construction and engineering crew for all of the UCS sets. If that person still works at Lego, Lego needs to pay that person more and get him or her involved in a lot more of the UCS projects.

  3. Misato says:

    I love how people keep going on about how long this set it and that it is the longest lego set. Big deal. Remember when the UCS Millenium Falcon set came out. It was over 5,000 pieces and was the biggest lego set ever. That lasted every bit of maybe three or four months, and then Lego came out with the 6,000 piece Taj Mahal lego set. Sure it may be the longest set now, but after christmas this year, some other lego set will be.

    • Inger says:

      Hi Bryan
      My guess is they needed most of the interior space for structural support.
      The Ultimate Collector Series doesn’t have a history of “playability” either.
      Which is a shame as it would be awesome!

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