Lego Technic Design Competition 2012

Exciting news…In the latest issue of the Lego Club Magazine, there is a one page ad announcing a Lego Technic design competition where the winner will have their original design made into an official Lego set!

I must admit I passed over the page in my first few viewings of the magazine (not being an overly “Technic” family). However once I settled in to read the issue from cover to cover, I realized the significance of this rather unassuming page.

Lego is actually asking you to design a set for them!

Lego 9398

The competition states that Set 9398 The Technic 4X4 Crawler is one of the most detailed and exciting sets the Lego design team worked on this year.
Now Lego wants Technic fans to design their own version of the vehicle.

Lets get to the specifics:

  • Lego Technic fans need to design their own version of the 4X4 Crawler.
  • The top 10 entries will be put online for people to vote
  • The entry with the highest amount of votes will be determined the winner
  • The winner’s creation will be made into a Lego Technic set in 2013!

The page from the Lego Club Magazine prompts interested readers to go to to find out more information.

It’s fairly empty when you get there though. As yet, the only reference I could find was this blog post from way back in May of this year.

The post states:

“In the LEGO Technic team we are currently working on an exciting new competition, with a grand price (sic) never seen before in LEGO Technic history! We know you will love this competition and we can also reveal that it includes a completely new gallery for you to upload and share your fantastic creations. 

The competition will launch around October 2012 and we encourage all of your to stay tuned on for more information.”

So putting two and two together I am guessing that this competition is the one referenced in the Lego Club Magazine.

If you are interested you could wait until October to start on your design or get a head start now and begin designing your own version of the Technic 4×4 crawler.

Over on the Eurobricks Technic Forum they have started a very informative discussion already so head on over to find out what your peers (and fellow competitors) are saying.

Here is the full page ad/article:

Lego Technic Competition 2012


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