Lego Technic Design Competition Officially Announced


The Lego Technic Design Competition that we recently talked about has been officially announced.

If you are handy with Technic sets, Lego Digital Designer or just like drawing vehicles then this is a wonderful opportunity to share your ideas.

Keep in mind that even though the competition closes at midnight on December 31, 2012, the earlier you get your design finished the better!

The competition is based on votes from people who view your design on the competition site.

The longer your design is on the site, the more people that vote, the greater your chance of winning.

Here is the press release.

Exclusive LEGO® Technic Design Competition: You design it – We make it!

You are invited to take part in the most exciting competition in LEGO® Technic history!

Design a special top for our new 4×4 Crawler!

You can do it!

New to LEGO Technic? Or a seasoned veteran builder with a basement full of elements? Not important. We’ve got the chassis, so if you have a great idea for an awesome design to go with it, don’t let anything hold you back!

Upload a picture of your design to the LEGO Technic Co-Creations Gallery. You can draw a model, use paper, sticks and glue, LEGO, or something completely different.

The prize

If you win, you can call yourself an honorary LEGO Technic Designer! We help you get the complete Technic design and building experience perfect. And the best part? We produce 20,000 of your unique model as exclusive collectibles!

You can find all the details on how to enter, tips and inspiration, and pictures of the chassis you need to use on

The competition is open until midnight, December 31, 2012. But hurry – – you need time to get enough votes to make the top 100 and be considered for the final!

We can’t wait to see your creations!

–      The LEGO Technic design team

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