Lego Town Hall (Set 10224) Modular Building 2012

Lego Town Hall BoxThe latest Lego Modular set for 2012, the Lego Town Hall (Set 10224), has been revealed and thanks to various sites (Eurobricks, Brickset, Smashing Bricks) we have some beautiful pictures to share.

Lego Town Hall

Details on the set are sketchy at present but we do know that there will be 2766 pieces and that makes it the largest of the modular sets so far (Green Grocer is the previous largest with 2352 pieces).

This size difference is demonstrated when the Town Hall is placed next to other modular buildings in a street-scape (see the gallery below).

This set is huge!

The dominant orange-red color of the building will make it popular with those who love to create their own models as it’s a fairly rare color to come by in Lego, especially in such large numbers.

The Lego Town Hall comes with a total of eight minifigures (including a wedding couple) and the figures are equally divided between male and female.

Lego Town Hall Image Gallery

No news as to when the Lego Town Hall will be released or the expected price point but we will keep you up to date.

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