Lego UFO Abduction – Review (Set 7052)

Lego UFO Abduction 7052 BoxThe Lego UFO Abduction set (7052) is part of the Alien Conquest theme from 2011.

The theme is based around the concept that Aliens have come to earth to take over the planet and also abduct humans as part of their nefarious plan.

The UFO Abduction set is important to the fulfilment of that plan and includes an alien ship (in the classical UFO tradition) which can “abduct” a human minifigure complete with glowing lights to pinpoint hapless farmers.

Lego UFO Abduction Details

Lego Set Number: 7052
Pieces: 211
Minifigures: 3 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier, farmer with pitchfork and alien trooper
Price: US $29.99 / £25.99
Ages: 7-14
Released: July 2011
Theme: Alien Conquest
Instructions in PDF: Available at
Best Prices: We recommend Amazon for this product (Free Shipping) or  Amazon UK

Lego UFO Abduction

Lego UFO Abduction : A Little Background

Lego UFO Abduction 7052The UFO Abduction set is a smallish set but includes alot of playability, if your kids can get over the concept that Aliens are abducting humans for unexplained but no-doubt unpleasant reasons.

Perhaps it is just me but I have one too many images in my head from movies like Steven Spielberg’s War Of the Worlds where people are abducted by aliens and used as a fertilizer.

While my kids haven’t seen that movie (and I know it is just a movie) I still shudder a little when I see the human minifig being taken into the ship…

What can I say? I have an overactive imagination :0)

Lego UFO Abduction : A Closer Look

The Spaceship

Lego UFO Abduction 7052 ShipThe set includes a UFO ship clearly based on B-movies from the 1950s and 1960’s; round and flat they were known as “flying saucers” – quite dissimilar from the ships most kids would think of if asked to describe an “alien spaceship”.

This “old-time” element certainly takes the edge of the sets and makes them more “cheesy” and child-oriented than the aforementioned alien abduction scenario.

So I guess I can relax…

The set contains stickers which will require a bit of care to apply, especially on the large rounded pieces that make up the center of the space ship.

Lego UFO Abduction DetailUnderneath the ship is an open area with four soft spiky pieces first seen in Exo-force sets. These soft pieces are used to grab onto the human when the space ship is placed on top of the minifigure (see the detail to the right).

The play function is quite effective and holds the captured figure firmly.

Your alien could safely fly in just about any position and the poor frightened human wouldn’t fall out-yay!


The set includes two human figures and one alien minifigure.

The humans in the set are a hapless farmer with a pitchfork, another reference to B-grade movies and a trooper from the Alien Defence Unit (ADU).

Lego UFO Abduction 7052 Minifigs

The farmer has a scared look on his face but I am sure he could wield that pitchfork with ninja powered finesse and the ADU trooper, despite setting up a rather ineffectual roadblock (for a flying space ship?) looks ready to take on the Aliens with his laser gun.

The alien is pretty cool but looks like he could really use a visit to a chiropractor.

I am sure his crooked-neck adds to the very grumpy look he has on his face (Notice I am assuming the figure is a male-is that xeno-gender-based discrimination?)

The figures are very appealing and I really like the detail on all the torsos, especially the farmer. Just like the world in general, the Lego world could always use more farmers!

Light Function

Lego UFO Abduction 7052 LightThe space ship also has a cool light power function which is used to represent a laser tractor beam to zap the humans up into the body of the space ship.

While the mechanism to activate the light is a little fiddly, the effect is rather cool!

A red light is activated by pressing a button on the side of the ship which illuminates the figure below and even casts an “X” pattern over them!

“X” as in “X marks the spot!” – So don’t try running away anywhere because you are now under evil alien powers – Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Lego UFO Abduction: Review

Our Recommendation: Recommended 

This is a cute set if you or your child are into the Alien Conquest theme.

The ship is well designed and has the extra appeal of play and light functions.

The three figures balance the set out nicely and make it a self-contained play set right out of the box.

With their existing Lego, kids can make their own ADU vehicles to combat the alien ship or even a whole armada of alien ships if they are entranced by the alien concept.

Overall, if you aren’t made queasy about the whole “aliens abducting humans” idea then we recommend the Lego UFO Abduction set.

Lego UFO Abduction Gallery

Lego UFO Abduction Commercial

Where To Purchase

At the Brick Life we recommend purchasing Lego via Amazon or Amazon UK.

Amazon have a proven track record when it comes to availability, price and customer service. In the rare instance we  have had an issue with the condition of the goods we have received from Amazon, we let them know and they fix it.

– It helps that they also offer free shipping :0)



  1. Willem says:

    This is just looking downright terrible compared to the old UFO theme released when I was a kid.

    Recently I rebuild my old UFO (which was actually quite complicated to put together) for my nephews, and they seem to prefer it over this new theme.

    Then again, this UFO was actually designed by people with talent and imagination, while it is indeed a large round saurcer, the design is quite imaginative and it comes with a few tricks.

    The top can be removed as a seperate smaller saucer thats attached by magnets, and a grappling arm with a magnet can be used to then take an exploration car out of the UFO. At the side theres also a smaller cart hidden under a hatch.

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