Lego Set Number: 6866
Minifigures: Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool
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Price: US $19.99  |  £19.99
Released: April 2012
Theme: Lego Super Heroes | Lego Marvel
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Lego Wolverine Chopper Showdown 6866

Oh no, Magneto and Deadpool are attacking Wolverine with their helicopter.

Help him to escape! Dodge the missiles and make a quick getaway on Wolverine’s Chopper (motorbike) before Magneto traps Wolverine with his magnetic powers.

Box Contains

Includes 3 minifigures: Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool. Vehicles include Deadpool’s helicopter and Wolverine’s Chopper
  • Deadpool’s helicopter features 4 adjustable flick missiles, rotating main rotor and twin rear rotors, and removable cockpit canopy.
  • Accessories include 2 swords
  • Adjust the missiles to aim at your target!
  • Deadpool’s helicopter measures over 4″ (11cm) high and 9″ (23cm) long
  • Wolverine’s Chopper (motorbike) measures over 1″ (4cm) high and 2″ (6cm) long

Lego Wolverine Chopper Showdown Gallery

Lego Wolverine Chopper Showdown Video

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