Lego Yoda Chronicles: Episode 1 Part 1 Umbara

Lego Yoda Chronicles

The Lego Yoda Chronicles are finally here with Episode 1 Part 1 Umbara appearing on Lego’s Official Youtube channel.

Personally I can never have enough of Lego Star Wars animations so I enjoyed it greatly, though found it too short! Thankfully we can look forward to more, according to the Lego news site:

“Throughout the whole year, starting from January 11th you will have access to a new portal filled with weekly updates. This will truly be awesome for all of us!”

Indeed 🙂 Here is the trailer

And the first part.

Via Smashing Bricks



  1. Tony says:

    Looks like a bad 65sec Lego commercial for the Spring 2013 sets. “Too short” is an understatement. At least, they could have kicked off the series with a “double-length” episode to establish some plot. Oh well, can’t wait for more!

    • Inger says:

      I’m hoping this was a mere “taste test” from the main release and a sign of greater things to come.
      There is a definite story to be seen in the trailer so hopefully things will heat up soon 🙂

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