Medieval Market Village On Sale – Worldwide Shipping

lego Medieval Market Village 10193There must be something in the air…

Both Amazon US and Amazon Italy are offerring the wonderful set Medieval Market Village for sale at the moment.

While has the highly detailed and sought after set for $89.99 (a 10% discount), is offerring the same set for €79.93 (a saving of 20%).

The great thing for Lego fans outside of Europe and the US is that BOTH Amazon Italy AND Amazon US ship this set overseas! has a low quantity limit so you can only order two of the set while Amazon US offers you the opportunity to ship 5 of the sets.

Amazon US worked out slightly cheaper for me ordering two sets. Their total including shipping was cheaper than retail in Australia by at least $50 per set. However by shipping through I was able to get express shipping (2-6 days) compared to Expedited shipping with Amazon US (8-16 days) for an extra $5 per set. If quality of the box is important you are better going with a fast option – the more time in transit, the more things can get damaged.

Then again you have to weigh up the opportunity to get 5 of these sets through

Decisions, decisions!
I’m sure I’ll still be thinking about as the sale ends!


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