New Lego Catalog Images – Mid 2011

Lego Catalog 2011The New Lego Catalog for mid-late 2011 has just been released and contains images of upcoming sets in the Star Wars, Ninjago, Technic and Train themes.

The images include some Lego sets that have recently been announced and there is very little information about them.

Of note are the following sets:

  • Lego Star Wars Hoth Echo Base Set 7879 (Due for release in August)
  • Lego Ninjago Fire Temple Set 2507 (Due for release in August)
  • Lego Red Cargo Train 3677
  • Lego Technic Flat Bed Truck 8109
  • Lego Technic Motorized Excavator 8043
  • Leg Technic Bucket Truck 8071 (Due for release September)
  • Lego Technic Unimog 8110 (Due for release in October)

Lego Catalog 2011 Image Gallery

(Click through twice for larger images)

Let me know if there are other sets in the 2011 Lego catalog you are interested in and I can scan them for you.




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