New Lego Sets At Lego Online Shop + Deals

The Official Lego Online shop has released a few new exclusive sets in the last week and has made them all the more tempting by offering Double VIP Points for purchases online through October.

We’ll talk about the VIP deal in a minute, but first the new sets:

New Lego Exclusive Sets

Lego Winter Post OfficeWinter Village Post Office

The Lego Winter Village Post Office was first revealed two months ago and is part of Lego’s seasonal Winter sets. The theme is based around a small, cozy village in mid-winter, preparing for Christmas.

Other sets in the theme include a Toy Shop and a bakery, all with similar snow covered roofs and holiday warmth.

The Winter Post Office retails for $69.99 and comes with 822 pieces and a whole lot of charm.

The Winter Village Post Office is available at the Lego Online Shop now and is exclusive to the store for the moment, though other retailers may offer it for sale later.

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper VanAlso packed to the brim with charm is another new release, the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van.

Also exclusive to the Lego shop the Volkswagen camper caused quite a stir with collectors when it was announced in early August.

At first glance this could seem like any other awesome Lego vehicle recreation but on closer examination the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van might just be one of the Best Lego Sets Ever.

The amount of care take to recreate details like the rounded front of the van, the engine at the back and the highly detailed interior is makes this set truly a work of art and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on a list of design awards in the coming months.

The Volkswagen T1 Camper Van is available now at the Lego shop online, comes with 1132 pieces and retails for $119.99.

Lego Super Star Destroyer

Lego Super Star DestroyerAlthough this set has been out for a month or so it is still getting alot of attention form Lego and Star Wars fans alike.

The Lego Super Star Destroyer is the latest in a series of large Star Wars vehicle models and this particular model gains the reputation of being the longest Lego set ever made – measuring nearly 50″” (124.5 cm) long.

The set is exclusive to the Lego store and retails for $399.

Lego VIP Program

If you aren’t familiar with the Lego VIP Program, it is a rewards program that earns customers points each time they purchase a Lego set at the official Lego Shop.

You can earn 1 point for every $1.50 you spend and for every 100 points the shop gives you a $7.50 voucher.

While that may not sound like much compared to big savings you can find elsewhere, the points do build up and every now and then Lego makes it worth your while.

Now is one of those times :0)

Double Points

In October you earn double points for purchases.

So instead of 1 point for every $1.50 it is two points. Which means that it only takes you $75 worth of purchases to earn a $7.50 redemption voucher instead of $150 (I think that is right anyhow – my math was never that great!)

Lego Mini Modular SetExclusive VIP-Members Only Sets

Lego is also beginning to release sets exclusive to the program- So if you aren’t a member then you can’t purchase them.

The first of these is the Mini Modular set announced last week. So if you aren’t a member yet, October might be a good time to start earning points.

Join Up

It is a worldwide program so if you live in any of the countries where the Lego shop ships to, you are eligible to join up.

As a member myself I can say it is amazing how quickly the points add up :0)

Lego Shop Double VIP Points

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