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Lego Avengers Poster

Lego Avengers Movie Poster – Nick Fury!

Lego and Marvel (via Disney) have come together to create an awesome Lego Avengers Movie Poster.

In celebration of the new Avengers film, The LEGO Group has recreated the theatrical poster in LEGO form.

Lego Avengers Movie Poster

The exclusive poster will be available in select movie theaters across the US on May 4th, while supplies last. Apparently there will be 2 million of them so your chances of picking one up are quite good – whether at the cinemas or on ebay. No news for overseas fans though.

The poster features the cast of the Avengers in their Lego minifigure format, including the Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America.

Interestingly, the poster also features a Lego minfigure of Nick Fury, as played by actor Samuel L. Jackson. The figure is yet to be revealed in the first wave of Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets but hopefully this is a sign that he is coming soon!

If this is the case, then Mr Jackson will join the rarified ranks of actors who have been recreated in Lego form twice – Harrison Ford (Han Solo and Indiana Jones) and Orlando Bloom (Will Turner and Legolas) are the others.

Lego Avengers Movie Poster

You can check our Lego Avengers page for more information on the great sets that will be released to co-incide with the movie.