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Lego SSD 10221

Worldwide Lego Deals This Week – 6 May

Lego SSD 10221There are some wonderful deals to be had this week, particularly if you live outside of the US and have been chasing some of the higher end or newly released Lego sets.

As seems to be the case more often than not, Amazon is the place to go for cheap Lego.

Amazon France is shipping the HUGE Lego Super Star Destroyer (Set 10221) worldwide for €319 + Express shipping. (Remember 16% of the price is taken off at checkout- see our notes below about buying overseas).

If you compare that to the recommended retail price in Australia it works out to be a saving of about $300!

Make sure you select the Amazon.fr option when purchasing. The set is due to ship within 3-5 weeks but is much cheaper than the third party option available on their main product page.

Use this link to find the Amazon.fr option.

Lego Pet Store

Another site, Amazon.es is now shipping two more wonderful and hard to find sets overseas and these can save you a heap on local prices – Particularly if you combine shipping and purchase more than one set.

Amazon.es also have the latest Marvel and DC Super Heroes sets available to ship at great prices.  If you are thinking of buying one of the larger sets you can add one of these to your cart and only pay a few dollars more in shipping.

The Super Heroes Batcave is listed at €58.49 which works out to be the lowest price I have seen anywhere. The new Lego Avengers sets are also available for much less than local prices

Buying Overseas

Lego Avengers SetsRemember too that if you live outside of Europe then approximately 16% of the listed price of the Lego sets is removed at checkout because of VAT tax being taken off.

Our advice is to put the set into your cart and take it to the final Pre-purchase page and see how much you will pay, including shipping.

Shipping may seem expensive for one set but as you add more sets to an order, the charge doesn’t increase to the same degree.

if you can’t understand the language on the site, use Google Chrome’s translation toolbar to translate and also www.xe.com to convert the foreign dollar amount into your local currency.

We have ordered dozens of sets from various Amazon stores and had them shipped quickly and they have arrived in beautiful condition.