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LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack 76007

Lego Iron Man 3 Sets 2013 Wave 1

Lego has released (via Barnes and Noble) images of the Lego Iron Man 3 sets to be released as of May 2013.

Iron Man 3 is the sequel to two hit movies featuring Tony Stark, millionaire playboy who just happens to fly around saving people in a high tech metal suit.

While the movies themselves are rated M (like most other modern super-hero movies) the character of Iron Man appeals to kids and can also be seen in a number of Avengers themed cartoons aimed at younger audiences.

The latest film features a new character known as War Machine and a new antagonist known as The Mandarin.

You can pre-order the sets (international) from Barnes and Noble.

Lego Iron Man 3 Wave 1 2013

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle 76006

Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack 76007

Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown 76008

Thanks to Brickset for the news.

The sets are part of the Lego Super Heroes theme which also includes The Avengers, Spider-Man and the DC Super Heroes like Batman and Superman.

Lego Marvel on eBay

Lego Marvel Sets – Available Worldwide on eBay

Lego Marvel on eBayThe Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets are finally starting to show up in stores and this means that not only can you buy or pre-order (they are all in stock and available to ship now)new sets on places like Amazon.com and Amazon.uk you can also find the sets on ebay – both in Mint in sealed box format and also “pieced-out”.

Lego Marvel Sets On eBay

eBay has always been a great place for buying Lego, if you take care. Before purchasing make sure you check a seller’s feedback and also take into account shipping fees as they can add up.

The beauty of eBay is that it sidesteps the shipping and pricing regulations of the retail sector and also allows you to purchase parts of a set, if you are not after the whole kit.

With or Without Minifigures

Lego SHIELD TruckA large appeal of Lego is the minifigures.

These cute little plastic people, molded to look like a particular character can be irresistible to fans, especially in licensed sets like Star Wars or Super Heroes.

Sometimes fans will buy a whole set just to get the particular minifigure that they are after. Then they sell the rest of the set for a greatly reduced price (without the minifigures)

This is great news for those of us who aren’t so fussed about the minifigures but would love to get our hands on new Lego sets to build and add shiny new bricks and parts to our collection.

Lego Magneto Minifig

In the case of Lego Marvel, the appeal of the figures is HUGE!

Marvel comics have a large and very enthusiastic fan base and this is the first time these characters have appeared in Lego form.

So presently on eBay we are seeing people buy the new sets, remove the figures to place on their desks/dashboards or add to their existing minifigure collection and then sell the rest of the set – instructions, stickers and bricks – all new and untouched!

More often than not if you are after the instructions and the bricks to make the sets but aren’t fussed about the minifigures you can pick up a whole heap of new Lego for not a whole lot of cash.

Conversely if you have all the bricks you need and are purely after the minifigures to add play value to your collection then many sellers on eBay offer the minifigures for individual sale.

In addition, for overseas buyers, although none of the Marvel sets have shown any sign of being available in countries like Australia or New Zealand you can currently purchase them on ebay to ship overseas.

Current Lego Marvel eBay Auctions

Here are some Lego Marvel sets on ebay – some are for the minifigures only while others are for other parts of the set. Still others offer the new sets MISB (Mint in Sealed Box) for overseas shipping. Oh, just stay away from “Minimates” or “Megablocks” as these aren’t Lego 🙂

Or you can purchase through Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk