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Lego Hunt For R2-D2 Comic

Lego Star Wars Comic – The Hunt For R2-D2 Part 1

Lego Hunt For R2-D2 ComicIf you take a look at the expanded history of the Star Wars universe it seems that R2-D2, the little astromech droid who has been in all six Star Wars films, seems to get lost an awful lot…

First there was the Quest For R2-D2, a short film made to celebrate 10 years of Lego’s production of Star Wars sets.

The beautifully made details R2-D2’s adventures across the galaxy as he endeavours to elude Separatist forces and return his valuable cargo to Anakin and Co.

Quest For R2-D2

And then the accompanying online game The Quest For R2-D2 in which players must search for the diminutive little droid and the secret plans he is carrying.

Then came The Hunt For R2-D2, a two part Lego comic which detailed R2-D2’s exploits after being bounced out of the back of the Twilight spaceship. Part one of the comic appeared in the 2009 Lego Club Magazine, Issue 4.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find Part 2 which no doubt appeared in Issue 1 of 2010. So if anyone has a copy of the magazine and would be able to scan it I would appreciate it greatly 🙂

The Hunt For R2-D2 Comic

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