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Lego Decal and Stickers

Lego Decal And Sticker Sets -Brickstix

Lego Decal and StickersI first came across these Lego Decal and sticker sets from Brickstix when I was searching for a Brickjournal back issue some time ago.

At the time I was amazed by the sets, for their quality, range and ingenuity. It’s one of those concepts that as a tryhard-entrepreneur you wonder why you didn’t think about the idea first.

I mean, custom removable stickers and decals for Lego, we all came up with that idea as a child…so I guess it makes sense that the idea for Brickstix was conceived by a kid and then made into a multi award-winning company!

Greyson MacLean


Meet Greyson McLean, a 12 year old with a passion for Lego and a mind like a steel trap. At 9 years old he came up with the idea of removable Lego stickers to use over and over again.

Like most kids Greyson was frustrated with the official Lego stickers that stuck like glue, and when they did eventually come off they left an icky sediment behind.

After a bit of research, Brickstix was born (with a little help from his mother).

Greyson does all the design drawings and sends them to a designer (an uncle) who refines them for the stickers. There are 6 varieties of Brickstix packets on different themes, and each packet has two sheets of stickers in each. There is also a Mod range of stickers for creating comics and stop motion animation.

Learn More about Brickstix

Here is an interview with Greyson on Martha Stewart.

How cool is that?

You can follow Greyson and Brickstix on Twitter, check out his blog or find out more on the Brickstix website.