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Lego Kingdoms

Lego Kingdoms – Set Guide and Reviews

The Lego Kingdoms theme is a part of the Castle line that has been a part of Lego for over 30 years. Lego Kingdoms sets were first released in 2010 and have proven to be one of Lego’s most popular themes.

Lego Kingdoms

Lego Kingdoms Sets 2010-2011

  • 7946 King’s Castle
  • 7947 Prison Tower Rescue
  • 7948 Outpost Attack
  • 7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
  • 7950 Knight’s Showdown
  • 6918 Blacksmith Attack
  • 7187 Escape from Dragon’s Prison
  • 7188 King’s Carriage Ambush
  • 7189 Mill Village Raid Highly Recommended!

Lego Kingdoms Lego Set Guide

Lego Kingdoms KnightThe Lego Kingdoms sets are based on historical Medieval environments, locations and situations.

Unlike other Castle lines that Lego has produced, where knights battle dwarves, trolls and/or skeleton armies, the Kingdoms sets are based on two warring factions within a 15th century fictional European setting.

The Lion King rules over his castle while his knights defend their home from the feared Dragon Knights.

The sets are good value and most provide alot of play, no matter how small they are.

You don’t need to purchase both castles or even more than one set to have an enjoyable play experience with the Lego Kingdoms sets as generally most of the sets come with “good” and “bad” characters in the same set, which is a nice touch for parents on a budget.

Lego Kingdoms Kings CastleOur most recommended set is the Lion King’s Castle (7946) as it is a beautiful design, comes with some highly detailed and fun mini figures and kids will play with and customize this set for a long time. You can read more positive reviews the set has received here.

Detailed Lego armor, medieval weapons, horses, flags, castles and catapults make this a fun theme for kids ages 5+

Lego Kingdoms Videos

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