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NEW Lego Hobbit Sets On Sale Worldwide!

Lego Hobbit Set An Unexpected GatheringThe new and as yet unreleased Lego Hobbit sets from the upcoming film are on steep discount (approximately 25% off UK RRP) at amazon.co.uk and the best part is that they can all ship overseas, including Australia and New Zealand.

The sets are up for pre-order at present with expected ship dates in early December but you can save heaps off the local RRP with these sale prices. Knowing how fickle Amazon is with both prices and International shipping restrictions my advice would be to order now!

Prices can go up at any time and Amazon can also decide to restrict the sets to UK customers only…I’ve had this happen a number of times.

Remember – Shipping per set reduces with each additional set you purchase so buy more than one set to get the best possible shipping.

Sets include:


Lego Lord Of the Rings Minifigures Video

Lego Lord Of the Rings Minifigure Designer Video

Lego Lord Of the Rings Minifigures VideoThe Lego Youtube Channel has released a wonderful new video about the design and development of the Lego Lord Of the Rings Minifigures for 2012.

Lego designer Djordje Djordjevic, walks us through all the figures available including the Fellowship, Gollum, the nine riders and the Uruk Hai.

The video is eight minutes long and gives fans a wonderful insight into how much care was take in representing the characters in Lego form.

I think most of us agree they have done an outstanding job and the figures are true highlights of these timeless sets.