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Lego Battle Of Helm's Deep

Lego Lord Of the Rings Helm’s Deep 10% Off + Free Ship

Lego Battle Of Helm's DeepAmazon.com now has the Lego Lord Of the Rings sets in stock and is offering the huge set, Battle Of Helm’s Deep for 10% off and with FREE shipping.

As this set is one of the more expensive sets to be released by Lego in the recent past, coming in at $129.99 US, a 10% saving makes a significant difference.

The discount bringing the price down to $117.08 – saving you $12.91 and even more when you factor in the free shipping with this set.

It certainly beats most sets on ebay at the moment!

Amazon also has The Mines of Moria down to $72.78 which is a saving of 9%. 

These two are top on my list of Lord of The Rings sets to purchase as they feature some of the best minifigures and two highly detailed and large sets.

Amazon has the rest of the Lord Of the Rings sets available but they are at retail price for the moment.

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Lego Gandalf Arrives 9469 Lord Of The Rings

Lego Lord Of The Rings 2012 – News, Set Guide & Images

Lego Lord Of the Rings 2012

Lego Lord Of the Rings 2012 sets are part of a new theme for 2012 and draw from JRR Tolkien’s classic fantasy series, The Hobbit and The Lord Of the Rings (The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and Return Of the King).

Lego Lord of the Rings 2012

The first sets in this theme draw from all books in the Lord Of the Rings trilogy and importantly, feature all of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring; Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimili, Legoas and Gandalf.

The nine were drawn from the major races of Middle Earth – Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits, to take the evil master ring to Mount Doom in the dark reaches of Mordor and cast it into the fires, destroying it forever.

For Kids?

Lego Shelob Attacks 9470 SpiderThe Lord of the Rings books are fairly serious tomes and the movies by Peter Jackson are certainly not for children.

Lord Of the Rings is probably one of the most mature licenses Lego has acquired. Much like Batman, the series features it’s fair share of “scary” characters and evil deeds.

However, while Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of The Dark Knight is certainly “dark” the Batman Lego sets have focussed pointedly on the lighter aspects of Batman like the cheesy 1960’s TV series.

For Lord Of the Ring’s there is no “light” alternative and the first sets in the Lord Of the Rings Lego theme demonstrate this. There is an abundance of huge spiders, glowering orcs and Uruk-Hai as well as knives and axes to spare – and no the axes aren’t used to chop wood (well at least not in these sets 🙂 ).

The Hobbit, known as a prequel to Lord Of the Rings, is a little lighter in tone. With part one of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie coming out in December, Lego might see fit to release sets from this book/movie later in the year or in early 2013.

Until then, parents of sensitive young children might want to stay clear of the darker sets (Shelob I’m looking at you!) and perhaps purchase some figures on ebay.

Lord Of The Rings 2012 Sets

Lego Gandalf Arrives 9469

Lego Gandalf Arrives 9469 Lord Of The RingsVisit the Shire with Gandalf the Grey and Frodo with this LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469) buildable playset!

Collect an iconic scene from the The Lord of the Rings film series as you build the Shire with Gandalf the Grey and Frodo! Join Gandalf the Grey as he travels to the Shire to celebrate the 111th birthday of his old friend Bilbo Baggins and relive the opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring!

As Gandalf makes his way through the Shire on his horse and cart, he meets an excited young hobbit, Frodo Baggins. This is where the legendary adventure of The Lord of the Rings begins!

The LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469) features:

  • 2 MiniFigures: Gandalf the Grey and Frodo Baggins
  • Also includes the new LEGO horse
  • Accessories include book, staff, backpack and letter
  • Features horse cart, carrot and barrel with fireworks
  • Collect the exclusive Gandalf the Grey MiniFigure!
  • Build the scene where the adventure began!
  • Cart and horse measures 6″ (16cm) long
  • Read More about Lego Gandalf Arrives (9469)
  • Purchase Gandalf Arrives At Amazon

Shelob Attacks 9470

Lego Shelob Attacks 9470 Box Lord Of The RingsEscape from the clutches of Shelob’s attack with this new LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Shelob Attacks (9470) buildable playset!

Stop Gollum from reclaiming The One Ring by saving Frodo from the webby lair of Shelob with Samwise Gamgee and the Elven sword Sting!

Plotting to reclaim The One Ring, Gollum lures Frodo into the lair of the ancient giant spider, Shelob. Will Shelob cast her web and capture poor Frodo or can Frodo’s brave hobbit friend Samwise Gamgee use the Elven sword Sting and rescue him in time?

You decide!

The LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Shelob Attacks (9470) features:

  • 3 MiniFigures: Frodo, Samwise Gamgee and Gollum
  • Also includes the giant Spider, Shelob
  • Shelob’s lair features catapult function
  • Collect the exclusive Gollum MiniFigure!
  • Accessories include Ring, Elven sword Sting, hobbit sword, light of Earendil and a fish
  • Shelob features string web with hook and poseable legs
  • Launch Gollum for a surprise attack!
  • Extend Shelob’s web and capture Frodo!
  • Shelob measures 7″ (17cm) long
  • Lair measures 3″ (8cm) wide
  • Read More about Lego Shelob Attacks (9470)
  • Purchase Shelob Attacks At Amazon

Lego Uruk-Hai Army 9471

Lego Uruk-hai Army 9471 Box Lord Of the RingsRepel the Uruk-hai Army at Helm’s Deep with the LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit Urak-Hai Army (9471)!

Under attack by the evil Uruk-hai Army, the ancient fortress at Helm’s Deep is the last refuge for the people of Rohan! As the Uruk-hai draw near, they fire hooks from the armored hook shooter and try to scale the fortress walls.

Can Eomer and the Rohan soldier hold back the Uruk-hai and save the day?

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit Urak-Hai Army (9471) features:

  • 6 MiniFigures: Eomer, Rohan soldier and 4 Uruk-hai
  • Fortress wall with detachable catapult and hook shooter
  • Accessories include helmets, shield, sword, bow, spear and weapons
  • Also includes the new LEGO horse
  • Defend the fortress with the catapult!
  • Fire the hooks!
  • Collect the exclusive Eomer MiniFigure!
  • Combine with (9474) The Battle of Helm’s Deep and build your Uruk-hai Army for even bigger battles!
  • Fortress wall measures 4″ (9cm) high and 5″ (13cm) wide
  • Hook shooter measures 4″ (10cm) long
  • Read more about Lego Uruk-hai Army (9471)
  • Purchase Uruk-Hai Army at Amazon

Attack on Weathertop 9472

Lego Attack On Weathertop 9472 Box Lord Of the RingsStop the evil Ringwraiths on Weathertop from stealing The One Ring in this LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop (9472) buildable playset!

Resting in the ancient fortress ruins of Weathertop, Aragorn, Frodo and Merry are suddenly attacked by the Ringwraiths, the evil servants of Sauron! Will the Ringwraiths take The One Ring from Frodo or can Aragorn stop the evil Ringwraiths in time?

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop (9472) features:

  • 5 MiniFigures: Aragorn, Frodo, Merry and 2 Ringwraiths
  • Accessories include 2 new LEGO horses, 5 swords, torch and ring
  • Weathertop fortress ruin with tree, flick missile function, trapdoor, weapon rack, pedestal and fireplace with food
  • Open the fortress to play inside!
  • Defend Weathertop by firing the hidden flick missiles!
  • Find the hidden weapon rack!
  • Spring the trapdoor!
  • Cook with the fireplace!
  • Weathertop measures 5″ (13cm) high and 6″ (16cm) wide
  • Read More About Lego Attack on Weathertop (9472)
  • Purchase Attack on Weathertop at Amazon

9473 The Mines of Moria

Lego Mines Of Moria 9473 Set Lord Of The RingsBattle the Cave Troll in this LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Mines of Moria (9473)!

On their epic journey across the lands of Middle-earth, the heroic Fellowship of the Ring travels through the abandoned Mines of Moria. Pursued by the evil Moria orcs and a giant Cave Troll, Pippin, Boromir, Gimli and Legolas make a stand in Balin’s Tomb. Can the heroes hold back the evil horde and make it out of the mine unhurt?

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Mines of Moria (9473) features:

  • 6 MiniFigures: Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and 2 Moria orcs
  • Features giant cave troll and 2 skeletons
  • Weapons include chain, club, bow, double-bladed axe, single-bladed axe, small hobbit sword, shield and Boromir’s sword
  • The Mines of Moria features well, wall and gate, and several weapons
  • Wall features hidden room with treasure, opening doors and falling wall elements
  • Topple the walls!
  • Defeat the cave troll!
  • Drop the skeleton into the well!
  • Flick open the tomb!
  • Wall and gate measure11″ (27cm) high and 5″ (12cm) wide
  • Tomb measures 3″ (7cm) long
  • Well measures 3″ (7cm) long
  • Cave troll stands 4″ (9cm) tall
  • Read More about Lego Mines Of Moria (9473)
  • Purchase Mines Of Moria At Amazon

The Battle of Helm’s Deep 9474

Lego Battle Of Helm's Deep 9474 Box Lord Of The RingsRepel the Uruk-hai army at Helm’s Deep in this LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Battle of Helm (9474) buildable playset!

The walled fortress at Helm’s Deep is under attack by the mighty Uruk-hai army. The forces of men, elves, and a dwarf must do everything they can to stop them from breaching the fortress walls. Can they prevent the Berserker Uruk-hai planting the bomb and blowing up the wall?

Will they stop the enemy climbing up the siege ladders? The people of Rohan have never faced such a deadly threat!

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit The Battle of Helm (9474) features:

  • 8 MiniFigures: Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Theoden, Berserker Uruk-hai and 3 Uruk-hai
  • Weapons include swords, double-bladed axe, single-bladed axe, bow, shield, sword and Uruk-hai weapons
  • Helm’s Deep fortress features outer ring, tower with horn, opening main gate, exploding wall, side door attack function, catapult
  • Also includes siege ladder, bomb, and horse
  • Launch a surprise attack from the hidden door!
  • Repel the enemy with the catapult!
  • Climb the tower and blow The Horn of Helm Hammerhand!
  • Explode the wall!
  • Combine with (9471) Uruk-hai Army and build up your army for even greater battles!
  • Fortress measures 6″ (14cm) high and 20″ (52cm) wide
  • Tower measures 9″ (22cm) high and 3″ (9cm) wide
  • Read More about Lego The Battle Of Helm’s Deep (9474)
  • Purchase Battle Of Helm’s Deep at Amazon

9476 The Orc Forge

Lego Orc Forge 9476

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