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Lego Ninjago Movie

Lego Ninjago MovieThe Lego Ninjago Movie, The Masters Of Spinjitzu originally aired on the Cartoon Network in early 2011.

It served as an introduction to the new Lego theme, Ninjago and the first sets for this theme came out around the same time.

Apart from providing a great backstory and context to the Lego sets the movie was funny, exciting and very entertaining.

Rated PG for some Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor and some scary and disturbing images the film is a little scary for younger viewers. Overall the “bad” guys, despite being skeletons, are humorous – much like the battle droids of Star Wars The Clone Wars but parents might want to watch the show with their children to decide if it is appropriate.

Lego Ninjago Movie Plot (Spoilers!)

LEGO Ninjago Movie CharactersThe movie begins with a teenage blacksmith named Kai who lives with his sister Nya. Kai works as a blacksmith to sell them as armor. The Skeleton Army comes and prepares to attack the Japanese village. The leader is Samukai and the two generals are Kruncha and General Nuckal (who fight every time in the movie). They attack the city. Kai then gets his armor and fights Samukai, but Samukai gets his bone daggers and throws them at a water tower, causing it to nearly fall on Kai. A ninja master named Sensei Wu saves him using Spinjitzu, which Kai mistakenly calls “twistitsu” when he is mad at Sensei.

Samukai and his army leave with Nya captured by them. Sensei then tells Kai if he wants to save his sister he needs to learn Spinjitzu to defeat the army. Sensei also tells him the story of Lord Garmadon, his brother, who is responsible for the army formation. Kai then trains in the dojo and Sensei brings his other ninja students(Jay, Cole, and Zane) to work with Kai (they accidentally attack Kai when they first meet). They all head towards the earth land, get Cole’s scythe, and leave, narrowly escaping the Earth Dragon.

Lego Ninjago Movie CNThey all go towards the ice mountain and get Zane’s shurikens. Later they head towards the lightning hill and get Jay’s nunchucks. Then they rest in a camping spot and sleep. Kai goes to the Fire Temple and sees that Lord Garmadon has disguised himself as his sister. Nya is tied up over a lava river and not only does Kai save her, he also obtains the Sword of Fire. Sensei comes and saves the two from Garmadon. Then back at the camp Jay, Cole, and Zane get tied up by Samukai, and the skeleton army head towards the underworld. Jay manages to steal a sword from one of the skeletons, and he cuts him, Cole, and Zane out of the rope.

In the temple, Sensei makes a sacrifice to go down into the underworld. Kai and Nya befriend the Fire Dragon and save the other ninjas. They get other dragons for each and Nya goes back home with her dragon. Cole, who is terrified of dragons, is tied to the Earth Dragon to prevent him from not coming. The rest head towards the underworld and meet with the army. All together they use Spinjitzu to create the Tornado of Creation and defeat the Skeleton Army.

Sensei then fights the leader, Samukai, who has the other weapons, with the Sword of Fire. Samukai defeats Sensei and gets the sword, yet explodes and dies since he can’t handle all the power of the golden weapons at once (even Lord Garmadon can’t contain the weapons power). A portal is made and Lord Garmadon gets in, but tells the others that he will return one day. Two days later Kai and the others return to the village, and everyone is waiting. Sensei goes to his temple and Kai reunites with Nya. Then the ninjas get ready for a new adventure.

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Lego Ninjago Movie Videos

We have uploaded the four parts of the movie to our Youtube channel MyBrickLife.

The first part of the Lego Ninjago Movie can be seen below but check out the last 3 parts on Youtube and remember to subscribe for future updates.

Lego Ninjago Movie Part 1 Masters of Spinjitzu

The Lego Ninjago Movie is copyright Cartoon Network and Lego.

Lego Ninjago – Set Guide And Reviews

LEGO Ninjago 2012.  Beware the Snakes!

Lego Ninjago Logo

Lego introduced the Lego Ninjago theme in January 2011 and the Ninja warrior based series has become one of their most popular product lines.

For parents who are concerned about the “Ninja” theme – there is a certain level of “violence” but it could be more appropriately regarded as “action”.

You are fairly safe with Lego, they aren’t ever going to amp up the violence in their toys and actually ban the depiction of modern weapons in sets.

For younger kids, the figure of Lord Garmadon and his skeletal force could be a little scary but many of the sets don’t feature the bad guys to any great degree and most commercials and/games represent them as more comical than fearsome.

Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago is one of The Lego Group’s original concepts. That is the characters, scenarios and associated themes of Ninjago were created in-house by their team of designers.

Lego Ninjago Sets 2012

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Lego Ninjago – About the Theme

Ninjago Sensei WuNinjago Lord Garmadon

The Ninjago theme is set in a mythical “Asian” setting, some time in the past, in a world where powerful Ninjas battle with an evil skeletal force for control of the world. The world’s powers are based on earth forces such as Ice, Fire, Wind and Water and expressed through a martial art known as “Spinjitzu”.

According to Lego Lore, the world of Lego Ninjago was created by the original Master of Spinjitzu who developed this form of martial art based on the concept of “power through spinning”.

The Master created the world using four “ultimate weapons”; the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, the Scythe of Quakes, and the Sword of Fire.

Before dying the Master gave his two sons, Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon the knowledge of Spinjitzu and the weapons. One used the power for good and the other…well you get the idea.

In the current world of Ninjago the good ninjas battle the evil skeleton creatures created by Lord Garmadon in order to stop them controlling the four ultimate weapons and therefore ruling the world.

Lego Ninjago Spinner

Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Game

Lego Ninjago also features a battle game based on Spinjitzu which kids can play with two or more players.

The game is played with the Lego minifigures placed on spinning discs (known as Spinners) and battle cards which outline the various strengths and weaknesses of the characters.

The sets and minifigures can be enjoyed without engaging in the game but if you do want to know more about the rules check out our How To Play Lego Ninjago page.

Lego Ninjago Characters

The main characters in Ninjago, apart from Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon are the ninjas. The ninja each battle in their own unique way and also tame and ride dragons.

Lego Ninjago Ninjas

Each ninja represents a different earth element and each has their own particular strengths and weaknesses. When you purchase a set the included minifigures will come with a battle card. These cards can be used in the Spinjitzu game but can also tell you more about the character’s personality traits and abilities.

This backstory helps to give the world of Ninjago a deeper and more realistic feel to it.

The four ninjas are:

  • Cole (Black Ninja – Earth Element)
  • Jay (Blue Ninja – Lightning Element)
  • Kai (Red Ninja – Fire Element)
  • Zane (White Ninja – Ice Element)

Lego Ninjago Movie

In early 2011 the Cartoon Network also released a Lego Ninjago Movie. Rated PG for some Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor and some scary and disturbing images the film is a little scary for younger Ninjago fans but overall a well made Lego movie and great fun for older kids.

Lego Ninjago Gallery

Lego Ninjago Videos

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