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Lego Playmaker App

Lego Playmaker App For iPhone

Playmaker-AppLego has released a new iPhone App, Lego Playmaker as part of their 50th Anniversary of Lego in Australia.

The Playmaker app allows you to take a photo of a Lego piece (brick, figure, head, etc) and then play games with that piece.

Watch your LEGO brick come to life as a rocket and help it dodge meteors and collect stars. Or perhaps you’ll see your humble LEGO brick turn into a shark feasting on fish and evading fishermen in the sea, or a banana that needs you to keep it away from hungry monkeys!

There are eight exciting games to play each featuring animals and objects, offering entertainment for all ages!

Lego sent me a notice announcing the game, which conveniently included a Lego brick attached to the back of the paper. Unfortunately I have an older iPhone so will have to borrow my partner’s to see how the app works but it looks like a wonderful concept.

You can download the Lego Playmaker App in the itunes store.

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