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Lego Alarm Clock – Guide to Lego Minifigure Clocks & More

Lego Alarm ClockI’ve been looking at buying a Lego Alarm Clock for my son. Partly because he needs constant reminders to keep track of time and I figure a Darth Vader Lego clock will definitely get his attention!

But also because they just look fantastic and are getting some very positive feedback from other parents.

Lego Alarm Clock –
Styles and Themes

Lego has been producing clocks for some years now but has recently amped up their range by introducing clocks designed around their distinctive collection of minfigures.

While previous clocks were fairly standard designs based around the Lego brick, the Lego minifigure clocks are articulated; that is their arms and legs can be moved,  just like a regular minifigure, making them highly dynamic and appealing for fans of Lego.

These clocks make telling the time a joy for any child (or adult for that matter). When I see these figures in their big clock-format I just want to look at them…all the time (pun intended).

The main focus of the lego minifigure clocks is the ever popular Star Wars theme but there are also clocks based on the City and Toy Story themes as well and no doubt more figures and themes will follow.

Lego minifigure clocks aren’t the only Lego clocks on the market as Lego has a range of more traditional looking clocks as well. There are also Lego watches (but that probably best addressed in another post). Let’s take a look closer look a the Lego clocks currently available.

Lego Alarm Clocks – A Closer Look

Lego Alarm Clock – Minifigure Style

Lego Woody Figure ClockThe Lego minifigure clocks are approximately 8 inches tall.

For those clock figures whose minifigure equivalent is smaller or taller, the clock will also vary in size accordingly.

So, for example: The minifigure of Woody from Toy Story is slightly taller than other figures so his clock stands taller, while the minifigure of Yoda is smaller than other figures so his clock figure stands a little smaller.

In both cases the height is due to the length of the legs (Woody’s are longer and Yoda’s are shorter than average) and it should be noted that because of his shorter design, Yoda’s legs cannot be moved. This means the clock figure cannot sit down or “walk” like other clocks in the minifigure range. This is commensurate with his regular minifigure design as well.

The regular Lego Minifigure clocks can stand, sit and their hands, arms and legs can be moved like regular Lego figures. The head cannot be turned around.

The figures can be posed in different positions so they appear to be in mid-stride or seated on a bedside table. Getting more than one of these figures together is an absolute delight, though of course not “necessary” unless you want to keep track of two time zones at once.

Lego Minifigure Clock Color DisplayClock Components

The Lego minifigure clocks have a standard digital time face in the front of their torso and the display is clear and easy to read.

The display lights up in a color (depending on the figure) when you push down on the head which allows for telling the time in the dark.

On the back of the torso is where all the buttons are placed to adjust time and alarm functions. The clock has the option of setting the default to 12 or 24 hour time.

The main other features are the alarm and snooze functions, the latter being activated when you push the head down as the alarm is going.

The alarm beeper is loud enough to hear but not obnoxiously so and the snooze function allows you can extra 5 minutes of sleep time.

In the case of Star Wars figures it would have been nice to have a Star Wars related alarm sound (such as an excerpt from the film score or a quote) I imagine that licensing this would have been difficult for Lego who may not have access to other aspects of the Star Wars films as part of their regular license agreement. Perhaps later versions of the clock will incorporate this feature.

The minifigure clocks take 2 AAA Batteries (which are included) and comes with an instruction book to help with setting alarm and changing times. Check out the full range of Lego minifigure clocks.

Lego Yoda Alarm Clock Functions

What Other Parents Are Saying

  • “Got it for a 9 year old and he LOVES it! It is not small which is great. Loud enough to wake him up and it can take different poses and hold things.”
  • “I have a 7 year old son who wanted this alarm clock for Christmas. I was able to find one here on Amazon while all local stores had sold out. My son was so excited and has used it every school morning to wake himself up. He says he is giving me a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning. A good product to teach responsibility!!”
  • “I really liked the idea of this clock, it was super cute! And I loved how you could move the legs and arms! Very unique! “

Lego Block Clock

Other Lego Alarm Clocks

While the minifigure clock seems to be getting much of the attention with parents and fans Lego does have other options if the figures don’t appeal. Their standard block clocks are available in three styles- a single stud, two studs and eight stud block.
The advantage of these clocks are that most come with radios as well as alarms. Feedback from parents hasn’t been as positive for these clocks with reviews fairly mixed-but make sure to check the reviews for yourself if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Lego Clock Gallery

Where To Purchase

The Lego clocks are a little hard to track down (the official Lego shop only has a few of the range on offer). Amazon has a good selection, with most on discount- both minifigure and block styles. Amazon also offers a good warranty on the Lego alarm clock range which can come in handy when you are dealing with electronics.