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Lego Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport Instructions

Lego Instructions – Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport

Lego Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport InstructionsContinuing my quest to scan all the best bits from Lego Magazines from years past I came across this set of Star Wars Lego Building Steps for an Imperial Troop Transport.

In essence the “Building Steps” are photographed Lego instructions rather than the “drawn” computer images we are used to in boxed set instructions. The instructions are rather small but clear and shouldn’t be too hard to follow for older builders.

The magazine says you can build the ship by using pieces from two Lego sets but considering both those sets are rather hard to come by now, you could probably just make do with the Lego you have.

Just in case you do have a collection of older Star Wars Lego, the two sets in question are the Y-Wing Fighter (7658) and the Imperial Landing Craft (7659). As far as I can tell, the main pieces you would have trouble re-creating if you didn’t posses the sets are the two large white “door” pieces on the side and the large windscreen.

If you and your family are happy to improvise then the Imperial Troop Transport is a cute little ship that seems to fit well with the larger Star Wars universe.

Lego Imperial Troop Transport Instructions

(Click on the Thumbnail below, “Right-Click” and Save The Image to see the full sized images):

If you liked these Lego instructions check out the official Lego Building Steps page where designers have devised more models you can build with generic and also specialised Lego pieces.

This article was featured in the 2007 Lego Club Magazine, Issue 2.

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