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Lego Catalog Summer 2012 – Lego City Sets

The Lego City Summer 2012 sets have been showing up in stores for some weeks but we finally have a look at the catalog for these latest releases which presents the new sets against beautiful “natural” environments.

I’m not entirely sure if this is a locally, Australian produced, catalog but my son and I have great fun going through each time looking at the sets in situ and also finding all the errors.

This catalog seems to have more than it’s fair share of problems and I’m wondering if it was rushed?

Anyway, gripes aside, here are the latest Lego City Summer 2012 sets in all their cataloged glory:

Lego City 2012 Summer Sets

Lego Summer 2012 Catalog – City Set Images

Lego Summer 2012 Catalog Friends Sets Page 37

Lego Catalog Summer 2012 – Friends Sets

The Lego Catalog for Summer 2012 contains a whopping six pages of Lego Friends sets!

For a theme which only launched this year that is amazing and demonstrates how successful the sets have been with their target market (anyone who loves beautiful Lego designs!).

In comparison Ninjago also has six pages, Super Heroes takes up five pages, Star Wars covers an expected 10 pages and Lord of the Rings is stuck in at the back of the book (almost as an afterthought) with three pages.

If you are like me, then you love looking at the official Lego catalogs for their colors, designs and the way they integrate sets into Lego/CG backgrounds. So here are the Lego 2012 Summer Catalog pages featuring Friends sets (click on them for full sized images).