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Alien Conquest Lego

Alien Conquest Lego – Set Guide And Reviews

Alien Conquest LegoAlien Conquest is a subtheme of Lego Space and was first released in mid 2011.

The theme differs from other space related sets like the City Space theme and Mars Missions in that Alien Conquest is the first to introduce unfriendly Aliens to the human world.

Inspired by Science Fiction movies like Mars Attacks, Independence Day and War Of The Worlds, the sets feature an alien race bent on overtaking the Earth and a defiant band of human resistance fighters, known as the Alien Defence Unit (ADU) defending their homeland.

Alien Conquest Sets

  • Alien Striker 7049
  • Alien Defender 7050
  • Tripod Invader 7051
  • UFO Abduction 7052
  • Alien Mothership 7065
  • Earth Defense HQ 7066
  • Jet-Copter Encounter 7067

The Alien Conquest Lego Set Guide

Alien Conquest is a fun theme that harks to the Lego space sets of old.

All the models are solidly built and there are heaps of play features and options.

The color palette is essentially blue with accents in black, purple, gray and transparent green. Much like the Lego spacemen from the 1970s, the Alien Defence Unit figures wear colored space suits and helmets.

The minifigures are detailed in new prints and the aliens also have new head molds- including a funny, kid-friendly variation of a“face-hugger” from the ‘Aliens’ movies.

If you can afford it, we think the best set is the Earth Defence HQ with 874 pieces. It is a very solidly built set with human and alien vehicles, figures and  a good mix of playable features.

The Lego site also has a range of games based around the Alien Conquest theme including a shooting challenge and Whack An Alien.

Overall Alien Conquest is a fun theme – solid enough to stand on its own, to build on the previous Lego space themes such as Mars Mission and Space Police or even to add a quirky “Out Of This World” twist on the established City themes like the Farm and Police sets.

Alien Conquest Teaser Video

[youtube 9t3bj7P9gOI]

Alien Conquest Lego Set Details

Alien Striker (7049)

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The alien defense unit soldier is on the look out for an alien invader speeding around the city. Stop the outer space bully from capturing anything he can get his suckers on! Dodge the striker’s laser guns and send the bug eyed invader back to where he came from!

Includes 2 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier and alien trooper Alien Striker measures over 2’ (5cm) wide.

Alien Defender (7050)

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Jump on the scout vehicle to catch that alien invader!

The alien defense unit soldier is patrolling the city in his swift scout vehicle when an alien invader whizzes by on his spaced-out mini hover bike. Nab the invader with the scout vehicle’s rotating anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles! He won’t make it past the fully armed alien defense unit this time.

Includes 2 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier and alien trooper Features 2 vehicles: mini hover bike and scout vehicle Scout vehicle features anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles Rotate the anti-UFO laser! Fire the flick missiles at the attackers! Scout vehicle measures 4’ (10cm) long and 3’ (7cm) tall Mini hover bike measures 2’ (5cm) long

Alien Conquest 7051

Tripod Invader (7051)

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The alien invader is attacking!

Humans beware! The alien invader has spotted a human on his way to work and sets after him at full speed in his flying saucer. As the terrified human runs for cover, the alien triggers his detachable prison pod, aims his cannon and prepares to capture his next prisoner. Don’t let the invader fire his alien clinger at the human’s head!

Includes 2 minifigures: business man with briefcase and alien trooper Detach the rotating saucer with prison pod to capture the human! Attack the human with the alien clinger! Aim the moving laser cannon! Move the Tripod Invader’s poseable legs!

Tripod Invader measures over 7’ (17cm) wide and 3’ (7cm) tall Detachable saucer measures over 5’ (12cm) long and 4’ (10cm) wide

UFO Abduction (7052)

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Alien Conquest 7052Stop the alien abduction!

The alien defense unit soldier is on a mission to stop the UFO as it tries to abduct the poor farmer! Watch out, the UFO’s illuminated tractor beam is fired up to capture him! Fire the flick missile before the alien brings the frightened farmer on board and spins his ship into space. If the UFO lands on the farmer, he’ll be trapped inside!

Includes 3 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier, farmer with pitchfork and alien trooper Alien UFO features illuminated tractor beam.

Includes LEGO bricks to build roadblocks. Land on minifigures to take them prisoner in the UFO with the abduction function!

Alien Conquest 7065Alien Mothership (7065)

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The Alien Mothership has landed!

Breaking News! The Alien Mothership has appeared in the city skyline, right before the eyes of the intrepid reporter. As the massive UFO spins above his head with eerie alien noises, the reporter watches in horror as the abducting claw heads his way. Help the reporter avoid capture and live to tell his tale on the nightly news!

Includes 2 minifigures: reporter and alien commander Large UFO has real spinning outer disks! Includes eerie UFO sound brick UFO comes equipped with abducting claw to lift and carry minifigures Attack civilians with the alien clinger! Start an alien invasion! Measures 19’ (48cm) wide, 19’ (48cm) long and over 4’ (10cm) tall.

Alien Conquest 7066Earth Defense HQ (7066)

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Rule the ground and sky with the mobile launch station!

The aliens are invading the city and the Earth Defense HQ is the ultimate station! Unhook the laboratory trailer for high-speed pursuits, repel the UFO with the interceptor shuttle and fire the ground defense unit flick missiles. Study the alien commander and alien pet in the analysis bay, but be sure to keep them behind the bars of the prison pod! Recover civilians with the mini rescue vehicle.

Set includes 6 minifigures: alien trooper, alien pirate, pilot, 2 alien defense unit soldiers and toxic cleanup scientist — plus alien clinger. Includes 6 minifigures with accessories: alien trooper, alien pirate, pilot, 2 alien defense unit soldiers and toxic cleanup scientist — plus alien clinger Features 4 vehicles: mini UFO, interceptor shuttle, mini rescue vehicle and Mobile Launch Station with detachable lab trailer.

Accessories include: cup, stretcher, rubber tires, computer screens, swiveling chairs, assorted weapons and more Turn knob to angle the shuttle for takeoff! Open the cockpit of the prison pod! Mobile Launch Station measures 14’ (35cm) long, 5’ (12cm) tall and 5’ (12cm) wide Mini rescue vehicle measures over 4’ (10m) long Mini UFO measures over 4’ (10cm) wide and 4’ (10cm) long Interceptor shuttle measures over 7’ (17cm) long and 8’ (20cm) wide.

Jet Copter Encounter (7067)

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Alien Conquest 7067Intercept the UFO with the Jet-Copter!

The alien defense unit is armed and ready to stop the UFO with the Jet-Copter! Using its dual flick missiles and detachable prison pod, the Jet-Copter’s moving rotors and engines head towards the alien ship. But wait! The UFO has split into 2 smaller crafts in a slick escape attempt. Set a flight path and lock the missiles on target to stop the UFOs from getting away!

Includes 3 minifigures: 2 alien pilots and alien defense unit soldier Features Jet-Copter with moving rotors and engines Push to fire 2 dual flick missiles! Detach the prison pod! Split the UFO into 2 smaller crafts! Jet-Copter measures over 11’ (27cm) wide and 12’ (30cm) long UFOs measure over 4’ (10cm) long and 2’ (5cm) wide when split apart