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Lego Star Wars 2012 Rumors And Images

Lego Star Wars 2012

I have been avoiding publishing any information on the Lego Star Wars 2012 sets for fear of attracting wrath from the Lego powers that be (don’t want to bite the bricks that feed me so to speak).

However there have been images appearing all over the net in the last 24 hours of the hitherto rumored Star Wars 2012 Lego sets to be released as part of the first wave of  January.

Unlike most other images that look like phone camera images taken hurriedly in a dark room while pretending to send an SMS, these images are clear, bear no stamp of “Confidential” and highlight the greatness that will be the first wave of 2012. They seem to come from a Chinese toy fair

While we have no large sets (these tend to be saved for later in the year) the range of sets is impressive. If previous years are anything to come by we can expect to see these start to appear sporadically in the coming months with the main release occurring in the US around mid January.

These images are courtesy of the Eurobricks forum (members eos512 & cagersky) which is a powerhouse of Lego news and resources.

Lego Star Wars 2012

Lego Star Wars 2012 Sets – Wave 1

  • 9674 Naboo Starfighter and Naboo Pilot (Planets Series 1)
  • 9675 Sebulba’s Podracer and Sebulba (Planets Series 1)
  • 9676 TIE Interceptor and TIE Pilot (Planets Series 1)
  • 9488 ARC Troopers vs. Commando Droids (Battle Pack)
  • 9489 Endor Rebel (x2) vs. Scout Trooper & Stormtrooper (Battle Pack)
  • 9491 Geonosian Cannon
  • 9490 Droid Escape
  • 9492 TIE Fighter
  • 9493 X-Wing
Also pictured in the images are 3 new Planets Series 2 sets that may be for release later in the year:
  • 9677 X-wing Starfighter & Yavin 4
  • 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin
  • 9679 AT-ST & Endor
The Lego Star Wars Planet series are small, mini-build sets that contain a figure, a mini vehicle and possibly a plastic hollow planet sphere to hold the set inside.
We will continue to update the site as official images and set descriptions come to hand and if there is one thing you can guarantee from Lego, there will be more surprises and no doubt these are only the first of the Lego Star Wars 2012 sets we will discover in the coming months.