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Lego Store May The 4th

Lego Shop Online May 4th – Free Shipping & More

Lego Store May The 4thOn May 4-5 Lego Shop Online is having a special Star Wars sale.

The “May The Fourth Be With You” deal is a yearly event with the official Lego store and it is a great time to purchase those sets you have been meaning to buy for ages.

Exact details are sketchy (Updated as below) so check back on May 4th but as far as we can tell, this year the deal includes:

  • Free shipping if you purchase over $75 (active as of now) worth of Star Wars sets
  • If you order the newly available Exclusive R2-D2 set $75 worth of Star Wars Lego you also receive an exclusive TC-14 minifigure.
  • You can also receive an R2-D2 Poster with the order of any Star wars set.
  • Check the site to confirm all details.
Discounts are also available for the following Star Wars Sets over 4-5 May:
10212 Imperial Shuttle™ 20%
10221 Super Star Destroyer 20%
7961 Darth Maul¿s Sith Infiltrator¿ 10%
7962 Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers 10%
7929 The Battle of Naboo™ 10%
7956 Ewok¿ Attack 10%
7964 Republic Frigate™ 10%
853414 Magnet Set Jar Jars Binks 10%
853419 Magnet Set Classic Luke Skywalker 10%
853421 Magnet Set CW 2012 10%
853412 Keychain Anakin Sky Walker 10%
853413 Keychain Watto 10%
850446 Keychain Darth Maul 10%
850447 Keychain Snow Trooper 10%
850448 Keychain Luke Skywalker 10%
850353 Keychain Darth Vader 10%
850355 Keychain Stormtrooper 10%
851091 Keychain R2D2 10%
851464 Keychain Chewbacca 10%
852550 Keychain CW Yoda 10%
852552 Magnet Set Royal Guard 2009 10%
852554 Magnet Set Chewbacca 2009 10%
852555 Magnet Set CW Yoda 2009 10%
852841 LEGO Star Wars Keychain Princess Leia 10%
853116 Boba Fett SW Keychain 10%
851659 Boba Fett SW Keychain 10%
853200 Keychain Shaak Ti 10%
853201 Keychain Jar Jar Binks 10%
852837 LEGO Star Wars Keychain C-3PO 10%

We will confirm these details closer to the day but it seems one or all of the deals are dependent on being a member of the VIP program (a very worthwhile program) and also on ordering the R2-D2 set.

Lego R2-D2 setHere is the Lego Shop Online description of the event:

“Use the force this May 4th and 5th and you’ll receive some fantastic LEGO® Star Wars™ goodies plus free delivery when you spend $100 or more at a LEGO Store or via shop.LEGO.com.

You can qualify for these offers and also earn an instant VIP Reward when you purchase the brand new R2-D2™ Exclusive. This great addition to the LEGO Star Warstheme measures over 31cm high by 18cm wide and will keep even the most devoted young Jedi busy for hours… happy building!”

The deal is current for Lego Online Shops in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Other Deals

For those outside of the US you might consider purchasing through through the US Lego Online shop and using a freight forwarder such as ShopUSA.com as you can save a little on the final purchase price.

In Australia, Outer Rim Trading Co. is also having a May 4th sale with 25% off all Star Wars sets.